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PIT Maneuver in Whitfield County Leads to Suspect’s Death

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When the police try to stop a car and they take off, the officer needs to make a split-second decision. They can either let the car go and hope another officer spots him on the road. Or, they can engage in a chase in an attempt to catch up with the vehicle. This decision always depends on how dangerous the chase will be and whether they think the public’s safety will be at risk.

This week in Whitfield County, the officer who tried to stop a man in a stolen car decided to chase after the vehicle. The officer had run the plates on a car that was driving suspiciously. It came back to a car that had recently been reported stolen out of Chatanooga.

The officer tried to pull the driver over, but he took off. This took place in the northbound lanes of Interstate-75 near mile marker 320. The police decided to chase the car, which sped up to at least 120 mph.

The stolen car was a Ford Fusion. When the police couldn’t catch up to it, the officer decided to do a PIT maneuver. The car continued to speed up and eventually crashed into the median. it then hit a tree, trapping the driver and his two passengers inside the car.

By the time other officers and rescue crews arrived at the scene, two of the occupants had passed away. Two passengers – 32-year old Phillip Jackson and 42-year old Tiffany Bingham, were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was taken to the hospital. He is 30-year old Quentin Alonzo.

As soon as he is medically cleared, he will be transported to the local jail.

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