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Throughout the year Calvin Smith Law has been in business we have assisted thousands of clients with their accident claims in Macon, Georgia. We have dealt with some of the top car insurance providers and made sure that our clients got the justice and compensation that is owed to them. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with different kinds of accidents ranging from minor mishaps to devastating pileups. Get in touch with us to help you with whatever type of accident that you were involved in.

Regardless of the type of auto accident, what really matters is if you want to seek compensation. In case the negligent party is responsible for the accident, even if partially at fault, then you are entitled to pursue a personal injury claim. With the right attorney, this process will be much faster and easier. Our team handles the bulk of the work including the paperwork, navigating the red tape, and ensuring that your case is commenced as early as possible. The earlier you get in touch with a Macon car accident lawyer at Calvin Smith Law, the earlier the process of pursuing justice will commence.

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How Much Does a Macon Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

After you’ve been involved in an accident, you will most likely be confused and filled with questions. Consulting an attorney is the most effective way of getting the answers that you might be looking for. However, most people are usually reluctant to talk to an attorney as they tend to assume that doing so is expensive. However, what most people don’t realize is that the payment structure of Calvin Smith Law is on a contingency basis. In this plan, there are no upfront costs, and the attorneys are paid only if your case is successful.

Considering how the contingency method works, your attorney will be fully committed to your cases, and they are only paid if the case ends with a settlement or if the court awards compensation. The lawyer fees vary, but it often ranges from 25-40% of the settlement that you receive. The percentage that the lawyer gets is usually much higher when the case heads to trial as compared to if it is settled out of court.

What Are the Steps to Take After an Auto Accident?

Some auto accidents are usually minor and may not require the involvement of the police. However, there are those that are more serious and require the police, ambulances, and even fire trucks to provide rescue services and transport the injured victims to medical facilities or trauma centers. In case the crash results in catastrophic injuries, airlifting is often required. Based on the specific circumstances of the accident, the victims can follow the following steps after the auto accident.

In case you were recently in an auto accident and weren’t aware of these steps, then worry not as they are just guidelines. The following tips will enable you or a loved one to ensure that their legal rights are safeguarded. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, seeking urgent medical attention is very crucial after the accident. Ensure that you take these steps in case you are in a capacity to do so as they help to safeguard your legal rights if you opt to pursue justice and compensation.

A car collision on a busy street.

Dial 911

(make sure to call the police even if there are no serious injuries) – It is smart to get a police report since it documents the crash. A police report is very important as it helps to prove your case and deal with the insurance companies.

Get Medical Treatment

There are some types of injuries that might seem minor at the moment of the accident, however, they may start to develop into more severe injuries after a number of days, weeks, or months. In some cases, you might not immediately experience pain from a back or neck injury, however, the symptoms can begin to develop after some time. Once you seek medical treatment, the injuries will be well-documented, and of more importance is that you will receive treatment to help you get better.

Identify Witnesses

This will be very helpful especially when proving your case. Note down any present witnesses and have them talk to the police officer present at the scene of the crash. Your attorney will also need this information as it will help them to follow up on your claim.

Preserve the Scene of the Accident

Do not interfere with the scene of the accident as it is crucial for the police to examine the scene to find out how it looks, and this makes it easier to establish what happened. Apart from when it is a minor accident, for example, a fender bender that doesn’t cause any serious injuries or significant property damage, you should just wait for the police to get to the scene, then give permission to remove the debris. If possible, take photos of all the vehicles involved.

Get In Touch With Our Attorneys

We are available and ready to serve you. When you call us, we will review the circumstances and specific details of your case so as to determine your best course of action.

Based on the severity of the accident and whether there were serious injuries, the steps might vary. The above list doesn’t entail all the steps, there are a number of things you can do to benefit your case. Our team is going to guide you on the best steps to take in order to protect your legal rights.

What is the Georgia Auto Accident Lawsuit Process?

The insurance provider of the accused party will conduct their own investigation into the incident and try to minimize the amount that they will have to pay. Meanwhile, our team of attorneys, working together with investigators, will also be carrying out their investigations aiming to establish the following facts:

  • That the defendant was distracted when driving
  • The defendant broke traffic laws
  • The defendant didn’t have a license
  • The defendant drove while intoxicated
  • The defendant wasn’t paying attention to his/her surroundings

There are various things that our Calvin Smith Law Firm attorneys can assess in the course of their investigations to help establish fault, and they include:

  • Witness interviews and witness statements
  • Police reports and pictures
  • Scene of the accident recreations
  • Any available video footages of the accident
  • The driving history and records of all the drivers involved
  • Reviewing your medical reports with the assistance of specialists in order to establish the manner in which you sustained your injuries

Creating a Car Accident Claim

In order to create a claim in Macon, GA, our team of attorneys handling your case will first analyze all the information gathered through their investigations. The claim will lay the groundwork for the lawsuit. Your losses(injuries and damages), and the negligence of the accused party will be stated in the lawsuit. Also, we will request a full compensation for your losses.

In many cases, the parties involved will strive to settle the issue out-of-court; their legal representatives will oversee the negotiations. In case they are unable to reach an agreement in the negotiations, then the case will be taken to trial. Our lawyers at Clavin Smith Law will adequately present your case before a judge and/or jury, who will then rule on the compensation that you should receive.

Handling Communication With Insurance Providers

All auto-accident victims have the legal right to pursue compensation from the negligent party since the state of Georgia is under the ‘at-fault’ car insurance laws. This means that the insurers of the party at-fault for the accident will be required to offer compensation to the victims for their injuries and losses. Hence, many claimants readily pursue compensation form the accused party’s insurance company.

Remember that all insurance companies are businesses and are keen to protect their bottom line. Ensure that you only communicate with our expert lawyers and your doctor regarding any issues or questions that you might have about your injuries or damages. It is crucial that you avoid communicating directly with the insurance company as they might use your comments or statements against you.

Proving Distracted Driving In Macon

Negligence is established when a driver fails to adhere to certain expected standards of conduct, which include paying attention when driving and ensuring the safety of all road users. Nevertheless, there has been an increased number of distracted driving incidents in recent times considering the increased use and dependence on technology.

Eating, drinking, attempting to program their navigations systems, using electronic devices such as phones, and operating the radio, all these can lead to distracted driving. In case you have recently been involved in a car accident, and you think that the crash was caused due to the negligent behavior of the other driver, then our Macon car accident lawyers will carry out an investigation into the accident to establish any signs of negligence.

Our attorneys can prove that the other party was distracted by:

  • Reviewing the driver’s driving history and records
  • Inquiring to find out whether and when the driver used their phone
  • Investigating the driver’s steps before the incident, for example, if food or drinks were bought, that may have contributed to the accident
  • Analyzing video footage from the traffic cameras
  • Establishing where and when the GPS was used

An individual taking pictures of a car crash in Macon, GA.

How Much is My Macon Car Accident Worth?

Each claim varies from the next since the compensation amount that each client is entitled to depend on a number of variables in regard to the circumstances surrounding the accident. These include how big the liability is, the evidence presented in court, the state and venue that the lawsuit is filed, and the credibility of the witnesses to the judge and/or jury.

Other variables that can affect the outcome of the results of the case include:

  • The conditions of the roads
  • How the injuries affected your normal life
  • The level of your pain and suffering
  • The weather conditions during the accident
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • How severe your injuries or damages are

By closely working with specialists, our lawyers are able to understand the real nature and extent of your injuries and are able to more accurately estimate the current and future medical costs. The estimated costs will help us in determining the compensation that you deserve. You have the right to pursue compensation for the following damages:

  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering as a result of the injuries
  • Medical expenses – both current and future
  • Damages to your car
  • Loss of your ability to live life normally
  • Loss of companionship and social support
  • Lost potential income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life
  • Emotional distress
  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Loss of potential income
  • Punitive damages – in cases where the accused party’s behavior was egregious, for example, DUI.


In cases where there was a death as a result of the auto accident caused by the negligent behavior of the other driver, then our team of Calvin Smith Law attorneys will file a wrongful death claim. It is worth noting that the claim is subject to the current state law. Furthermore, the kinds of losses or damages recoverable tend to vary significantly from state to state.

For example, a number of states allow various types of damages or a combination of some of them in the case of wrongful death claims including punitive damages, full financial and non-financial value of the victim, loss of companionship, in addition to the value of support and services. The family left behind are also entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and also the pain and suffering the deceased went through. Depending on the state that the accident happened, the parties allowed to pursue such a claim or some of them will vary.

How Long Do I Have To File My Claim Following The Accident?

In the state of Georgia, you are required to file your claim in the span of two years from the date of the incident. However, in case you are pursuing a claim for property damages, then you should do so within 4 years.

The lawsuit filing process requires the attorney to go through all the necessary documents to establish whether the compensation amount will fully cover your current and future medical expenses and rehabilitation services. The compensation amount should also cover your losses including property damages, lost wages, and non-economic damages.

How can you expect to effectively manage all of these if you opt to represent yourself while still in the process of recovering from your injuries? Our Calvin Smith Law attorneys are prepared to offer you the necessary assistance. You will be guided through the process and continuously informed on the progress of your case. Hence, you will be able to concentrate on your recovery and leave the legal aspects of your case to us to ensure that you receive full compensation.

Is It Important To Contact an Accident Lawyer After the Auto Crash?

Accident victims seek our attorney services due to a number of reasons. For example, our lawyers will help you estimate an appropriate compensation amount for your damages. They can also enable clients to receive a higher amount of compensation through negotiations with the insurers of the at-fault driver. More so, they are able to expertly navigate the murky waters of the law and are aware of what damages you should pursue when building a strong case. Our Calvin Smith Law attorneys are aware of what is required to secure the success of your claim case. We know the appropriate range to begin calculating your damage claim and the probability of its success.

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