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If you were recently involved in a car accident, there is a probability that you have medical bills up to your neck never mind the pain you have to endure as you nurse any injuries you might have sustained from the accident. Furthermore, it is also likely that you might have been left with long-term chronic pain or even disability to deal with for the rest of your life, depending on the severity of the injuries.

It’s important that you reach out to an Alpharetta car accident lawyer for legal advice and representation if you have been in a car accident. At Calvin Smith Law, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident victims and we have been doing so for many years now.

On the chance that you are uncertain whether you will ever resume work again, you might be pondering what tomorrow holds for you and how you’re going to go about your future survival. It may seem like everything is against you at present but you will be happy to know that you do not have to face the scenario by yourself, and you can get assistance.

As a no-obligation law firm, we do not ask our clients to pay a cent until we’ve won the case, and they have received due compensation for their woes. Through this approach, we help our clients get professional legal help without having to pay any fees upfront. Call our Alpharetta injury law firm at (404) 383-7552 now and plan a free consultation with any of our car accident attorneys at Calvin Smith Law.

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How is Fault Determined in a Georgia Car Accident?

Georgia is an at-fault state meaning that the driver responsible for the cause of the accident is the one responsible for paying for any physical injuries suffered by the people involved in the accident as well as any accrued property damage.

In light of this, deducing who is at-fault is very important for any car accident case. In a lot of cases, “fault” is decided by analyzing whether the accident is a result of negligence or carelessness on the end of the road user.

As per Georgia state law, road users are obligated to follow road usage rules so as not to endanger the lives of others. If the road user fails to observe road rules, they can be ruled to be responsible for an accident since they were callous, and their insurance provider has to cater for all losses and damages incurred. Behaviors that put the wellbeing of other people at risk include drinking and driving, using a phone while behind the wheel, or changing lanes without indicating.

Will the Other Driver’s Insurance Provider Pay for the Accident?

As much as insurance providers usually cover the costs of accidents, it does not necessarily mean that the insurer is obligated to pay. Insurance companies usually deny claims or try to argue it out so they can pay less. It is therefore important that you hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible and allow them to interact with the insurer on your behest.

By hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you, you will have upped the odds of you getting well compensated for your injuries or losses. In most instances, the money offered by most insurance companies is never enough to pay for any injuries sustained or the effect they have on the lives of other people. insurance providers are running a business, and they will want to remain as profitable as they can.

An insurance adjuster reviewing damage to a car after an accident.

The most convenient way of doing so is by avoiding a payment claim and at the lowest cost possible. It is worth noting that once you accept what the insurer has offered you, you cannot ask for more.

Car accident lawyers in Alpharetta, Georgia, are highly familiar with how insurance operates and will commit their best legal abilities to see to it that you are adequately paid for your losses or damages. Car crash lawyers put several factors into consideration when determining how much compensation you are owed such as how your ability to make a living will be affected by the injuries suffered and how much treatment will cost you presently and in the future as well.

What If the At-Fault Driver is Not Covered By Insurance?

In this scenario, getting the compensation you need will be a little complex. However, you can still get compensated for your troubles making it even more necessary to hire a car accident lawyer.

In such an instance, there are several options for getting a settlement. Some of the options an attorney could help you with is drawing another cover or requesting a court order to compel the at-fault driver to pay you in minimal installments. A car crash attorney will help you apply for this order in certain ways so that the other party does not default on payments.

How Do I Know a Claim Will Cover My Car Accident Injuries?

All sorts of losses and injuries are covered as long as they were suffered during the accident. If you have recently been in an accident and are still full-bodied, it’s important that you seek a doctor’s attention as soon as you can even if it doesn’t feel like you’ve been hurt.

It is possible you could have internal injuries that will not show until the adrenaline and shock of the incident wears off, and you begin to feel nausea, body aches, pains, and other symptoms. Should you experience any of these symptoms, make sure you see a medical professional immediately.

What Else Do Car Accident Claims Pay For?

Apart from the losses suffered, car crash claims also pay for two other kinds of damages. The first is the money you need to compensate for the income loss from not working or having to fix or replace a damaged car. The second claims involve compensation for the pain and suffering endured.

Compensation for physical and emotional trauma is what constitutes a considerable amount of most claims. You need to be aware that you reserve the right to receive compensation for your pain and suffering but insurance providers usually avoid that subject in their first compensation offer.

Unfortunately, the money you receive may erase the physical or emotional trauma from the accident, it will help your life become easier and will minimize the impact of injuries such as a severed limb or scarring.

An Alpharetta car accident lawyer reviewing a settlement offer with a client.

What Do I Do If I Lost Someone Dear to Me?

If you lost someone dear to you through a car crash, you and your family reserve the right to receive the same amount of payment they would have received if they were alive.

The reality is that wrongful death needs to be compensated but what’s unfortunate is that those involved will most likely try to avoid financial accountability. Better your chances of receiving compensated for the loss of a loved one by hiring a car accident lawyer for legal advice and representation.

The attorney will not only help you get compensated for the wrongful death of a loved one, but they will also ensure that the settlement covers all costs involved as well as money for your future.

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Because of this, we do the best we can so that we achieve victory in all our cases because when you win, we win as well!

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