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In case you aren’t under any employment, chances are feeling stressed on how you’re going to cover your bills. Although you may be struggling financially, it doesn’t mean you are liable for injuries caused by somebody else. Working with our Stonecrest personal injury lawyers guarantees you’ll receive the assistance you’re searching for.

Here at Calvin Smith Law, we specialize in securing funds for persons who have sustained an injury to enable them to cover their medical bills and therapy and finally move on from the ordeal. Even though we started as a relatively small firm, we have since grown to become among the top law firms in Stonecrest.

We are renowned for our negotiating power with insurers. Our Stonecrest personal injury firm has more than enough experience to ensure you receive the money you are entitled to. To get additional information on how best we can assist you, schedule a free-of-charge initial consultation with us, or call via (404) 383-7552 to get in touch with us and book an appointment.

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Which Should I Do If I Am Injured By Someone’s Negligence?

Whether the injury sustained is minor or major, we are to assist. Even the smallest injury sustained can result in complications culminating in exuberant medical costs meaning a lot of hassle on your end. This is why it’s so crucial for your rights to be protected. During tumultuous times, you must tread lightly and take the right approach. Any injury victim should make sure they have following those two things.

Never accept any money or sign paperwork with talking to your lawyer in Stonecrest, GA, first. It is a common occurrence to see insurance providers make a cash offer early on. If you are more worried about the bills, you will likely accept the money. At the same time, it’s essential to note that insurance companies don’t offer you pay out of a sense of justice on their end.

They will be hoping you agree to a significantly lowered payout while relinquishing your right to pursue more recompense in the future after realizing your legal bills are way higher than you initially thought. If you haven’t talked to your lawyer, never make any statements, accept checks, or sign paperwork.

An older man on crutches meeting with a Stonecrest personal injury lawyer.

If you need legal assistance, please consider talking with our Stonecrest personal injury lawyers. The consultation will only cost you a bit of time and result in you possibly getting thousands or more when it comes to a settlement. Personal injury attorneys take up injury claims of various types. They will review your case to see its worth. They will work on your stead to get what the insurance provider rightfully owes you. Your lawyer may also recommend a doctor who will offer you a more professional diagnosis and evaluation.

What Counts As A Personal Injury Claim?

How Do I know if I have a personal injury claim? In a general sense, if you sustain an injury that was not your fault in any way, shape, or form, then you have a case. It’s obviously not easy assessing this. It’s natural to see people find reasons for blaming themselves for the injuries they have sustained. Thankfully, fault can be determined based on a legal criterion. Many of the injuries suffered are avoidable.

In most cases, injuries happen because somebody displayed negligent or careless behavior. For most slip & fall accidents, car collisions, and dog bites, that’s true if somebody exhibited negligent behavior and didn’t intestinally mean to cause harm. The fact remains that you have sustained an injury because of their careless behavior, so their insurer is liable for your medical expenses and bills.

Will My Personal Injury Claim Have To Go To Court?

Most of the cases like these don’t go to trial. It only becomes necessary to go to court if the insurance provider refuses to compromise and make a deal. When this happens it means that going to court is the only way of recovering the money rightfully owed to you. This usually happens when the insurance provider thinks they have a strong case of denying your claim.

They may be out to discredit the testimony you have filed, or they might have some evidence going against you. We can review the case on your behalf, and give it to you straight whether it’s worth going to court in Stonecrest. If you opt to head to trial, you can trust that our attorneys will be at hand to help you out.

Heading to trial is not our go-to default setting. In most of the cases, we can convince insurance providers to negotiate with us and usually come to a reasonable agreement. After convincing the insurance service provider to have a sit-down with us, we will do everything possible to fight on your stead without pulling any punches.

We usually start by doing an independent examination of the accident scene. We will review every detail and prepare sufficiently so we can build a rock-solid case. We will work towards proving precisely what happened and show the insurance provider exactly how much you are entitled. We have employed this strategy on numerous occasions and has assisted most of our clientele get a significant settlement.

What Will A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stonecrest Cost Me?

When working with us at Calvin Smith Law, we don’t expect you to pay for services out of pocket. We understand you may have several bills to think about. This is why we provide a manageable payment system to make things a bit simpler for you.

If you choose to hire a personal injury lawyer, you won’t be required to pay a dime when dealing with your claim. Instead, the fees you owe us will be charged from the percentage we help you get.

An attorney reviewing an insurance settlement with a client.

In the off-chance we don’t secure a settlement on your behalf, you won’t be indebted to us. We will be taking all the risk. We will not get any reimbursement unless our personal injury lawyer wins the case.

Does Stonecrest Have A Deadline For Filing A Personal Injury Case?

In Stonecrest, some deadlines have been set and have to be followed. Note that the deadline window is contingent on the circumstances surrounding the sustained injuries. There’s something true about all deadlines: when it comes to claims, if you miss the deadline, chances are you won’t get reimbursed.

Many a time, the time limit on the claim may be limited. You might even have a few months to make a claim. Due to this, it would prove beneficial to talk to a personal injury attorney immediately.

Reach out today to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to see if you can receive compensation.

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