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2 Dead and 2 Injured Within Minutes on New Buckeye Road in Johnson County

2 Dead and 2 Injured Within Minutes on New Buckeye Road in Johnson County

In Johnson County this past week, police responded to not one, but two different car accidents. Sadly, both of these crashes would prove to be deadly. The first accident involved a driver who was fleeing police. While the reports didn’t say exactly what caused the police to chase the suspect in the first place, they did confirm that it was a legitimate police chase.

19-year old Tucker Bentley of Wrightsville was fleeing Johnson County deputies on New Buckeye Road. He went around a sharp curve while speeding and lost control of his vehicle. He ended up leaving the right side of the road and his car flipped. It then hit a tree and ended up resting upside down. The driver of the vehicle died and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Just a mile away, and within minutes of the first crash, the cops were called to yet a second crash scene. In this case, 19-year old Gracie Fulghum was driving her 2015 Toyota Camry down New Buckeye Road. She also lost control of her vehicle forcing her car on the shoulder. Her car spun around several times and ended up hitting at least two trees.

She had two passengers in her car. 21-year old Taylor Dixon and the other passenger, 25-year old Ramsey Bentley had to be extracted from the vehicle. Both passengers and the driver were transported to the hospital. Bentley and Fulghum suffered serious injuries. Unfortunately, Dixon passed away from her injuries at the hospital.

It is not normal for the Johnson County deputies to have to respond to two accidents in such a short period of time. It was coincidence that both crashes happened on New Buckeye Road.

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