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Multiple-Vehicle Accident in Cobb County Claims One Life

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On Thursday, February 11th, a multiple-vehicle accident in Cobb County led to one fatality. The collision, which involved over a dozen vehicles, occurred on Interstate 75 near Wade Green Road in Kennesaw. 

According to the Cobb County Police Department, the crash caused a massive traffic delay. It led to seven-hour congestion. The investigators said the vehicles collided in the northbound lane. 

The police shut down the affected lanes north of Barrett Parkway. The accident happened around 11:45 a.m., and the roadway remained closed until 6:45 p.m. Boniface Ndiangui, 54, of Marietta, the fatal victim, drove a Freightliner hauling a semi-trailer.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said a total of seventeen vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash. The accident happened as heavy rains fell in metro Atlanta. A trucker, Chris Hill, who witnessed the collision, said visibility was poor. 

According to Hill, visibility only extended to about 40 yards. Footage from the crash scene showed smoke rising from a rig as multiple fire trucks blocked the interstate. The witness said a white box van caught fire, and the flames spread to a car, then to an 18-wheeler. 

The police and GDOT did not state who started the events that led to the multiple-vehicle accident in Cobb County. The investigation is ongoing, and there’s no update at this time. 

Multiple vehicle collisions are among the leading causes of traffic fatalities in Georgia and the United States. It often starts with a rear-end collision that goes on to involve other vehicles. Common causes are speeding, poor visibility during rainfall, tailgating, impaired driving, and running red lights. 

It is vital to find the at-fault driver in crashes like this to enable the victim(s) to claim compensation. If you suffered an injury in a multiple vehicle collision, consult a Georgia car accident lawyer.


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