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Man Dies Following Auto-Pedestrian Accident in Lincoln County

Auto-Pedestrian Accident in Lincoln County

A local restaurant owner died following an auto-pedestrian accident in Lincoln County. According to the county police, the collision happened on Wednesday, February 10th, after 7:33 p.m.

The preliminary investigation uncovered that the victim, Richard Goolsby, died after a vehicle struck him close to his home. He was on Georgia Highway 47 near Partridge Town Road, a few miles southeast of Lincolnton. 

Georgia State Patrol Sgt. David Lacey said the 67-year-old victim owned Goolsby’s restaurants in Evans and Grovetown. The two are famous for their southern cooking. The sergeant said the man entered the roadway as a northbound vehicle approached. 

The car collided with Goolsby, and the vehicle stopped facing north. Lacey said the driver remained at the scene and is most likely the person who reported the auto-pedestrian accident in Lincoln County. The sergeant said it does not appear an extenuating circumstance contributed to the crash. 

Lincoln County Coroner Kevin Beggs described the victim as a nice man, well-beloved, and known for his friendliness. He said that’s what the community will remember him for. There is no information of the vehicle driver getting cited at this time. 

An auto-pedestrian accident is not uncommon on Georgia roadways. Common causes include dangerous road behaviors by the driver and pedestrian, speeding, disobedience of stop signs, and crossing outside crosswalks. 

A pedestrian who wants to cross outside the designated crosswalk must look carefully at both sides of the road. In residential areas, drivers must maintain the speed limit and stop at every crosswalk. 

If the pedestrian or driver fails to do this, and an accident happens, one or both would be liable. If the driver is the only one at fault, they will face a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Both require the expertise of a Georgia car accident lawyer.


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