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Police Investigate Serious Stolen Car Accident in Savannah

Stolen Car Accident in Savannah

The Savannah Police Department disclosed that they are investigating a two-vehicle crash. The stolen car accident in Savannah occurred on Saturday night, February 20th. 

The preliminary investigation uncovered that a Ford Fusion was northbound on Montgomery Street at a high-speed rate. At about 10:30 p.m., the driver swerved into another lane to avoid striking a vehicle that slowed to turn left on Staley Avenue. 

The act caused the Fusion to hit a Chevrolet Silverado in the right-hand northbound lane. After the collision, the Fusion struck the raised median, overturned, and collided with a tree. It then rested in the median. 

The Silverado’s driver lost control, and the vehicle struck a tree and a metal pole. Both cars were severely damaged, and first responders had to extricate the occupants. The drivers of the cars and one passenger suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries. Medics took them to an undisclosed hospital for treatment. 

Further investigation revealed that the Fusion was reported stolen the evening of the accident. The police arrested the driver, identified as 17-year-old Lonon Vin Tay, and booked him into the Chatham County Jail. He faces a charge of theft by receiving a stolen vehicle and an existing warrant. 

The investigation into the stolen car accident in Savannah and the theft are ongoing. There’s no additional information at this time. 

Motor vehicle accidents at Georgia intersections are not uncommon due to negligent drivers. One common cause of collisions where roads intersect is running red lights and disobeying other traffic rules. 

Drivers will do well to wait until they have the right of way before crossing. If a crash occurs, avoid accepting liability of any kind. Also, speak with a Georgia car accident lawyer immediately.


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