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Vehicle Flips Powerline Injuring Valdosta Police and Firefighters

Valdosta police

Valdosta police and firefighters suffered injuries after a car drove over a powerline causing it to flip. The accident happened on Monday, July 12th. The police said the events leading to the occurrence began with a downed power line.

According to a news report, the Valdosta police and firefighters arrived at Madison Highway near Dampier Street around 4 p.m. after an intense thunderstorm. The Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk said the situation involved a power line hanging low. As the police and firefighters arrived at the scene to check the line, a vehicle drove through the section of the road where the line was down.

Paulk said a truck went right through and caught the line, causing it to snap and whip around. Three firefighters and one officer suffered injuries and received treatment at South Georgia Medical Center. The sheriff also stated that one of the firefighters had to have his leg amputated.

There is no update on the injured police and the other firefighters. The investigation is ongoing, and there is no record of a citation at this time.

Traffic accidents are the result of the negligent actions of road users. When an accident happens, the victim under Georgia law can ask for compensation from the fault party. However, they would need to establish the four elements of negligence for their claim to succeed.

The first is the duty of care the at-fault driver has towards the victim and other road users. The second is the breach of the duty of care, and the third is the causation. The latter means that the accident must have caused your injury, and the fourth is the damages sustained as a result of the injury.

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