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Traffic Accident on Log Cabin Drive Causes Severe Injury

accident on Log Cabin Drive

A traffic accident on Log Cabin Drive, Bibb County, resulted in severe injuries. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning, May 11th. According to the press release by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, a man driving a go-kart lost control of it and crashed into a Honda Civic. 

The release further disclosed that the incident happened near Log Cabin Drive’s intersection with Sherbrooke Drive at about 8:42 a.m. According to witness statements gathered by the sheriff’s office, a man drove a go-kart on the right travel lane of Log Cabin Drive.

Then he seemingly lost control of the go-kart, entering the left lane of the roadway and swiping the Honda Civic. The go-kart then spun out of control into the path of a Nissan Altima coming from behind. The investigators said the car struck the man head-on.

Medics transported the 36-year-old go-kart driver to Atrium Health Navicent by ambulance to treat his injuries. He was listed in critical condition at the time, and there’s currently no update on his health. 

The Honda driver did not suffer any injury. Medics took the pregnant female driver of the Nissan to the hospital for an evaluation. The traffic accident on Log Cabin Drive remains under investigation. Anyone with relevant information should contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. 

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycle riders, and bicyclists often end disastrously. This is because the body has little or no protection when it lands on the roadway from the collision. When the victim in such accidents is not at fault, they are entitled to receive compensation from the fault party under a personal injury claim. 

Did you or anyone you know suffer injuries from a traffic accident? Contact our Georgia car accident attorneys to determine your rights and help you get compensation. 


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