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Teenager Girls Survive Hit and Run in Rio Rancho

hit and run

On Thursday afternoon, a group of young girls had gone hiking in the Foothills in Georgia. Two of the girls left together in the girl’s vehicle. She had just received her car for her 16th birthday. It wasn’t long after the girls got into the vehicle that the crash occurred.

The police were actually called to the scene from one of the teenager’s parents. Right after the car hit them, the girls were pinned in vehicle. The 16-year old called her mother from her cell phone and gave her a blow by blow account of what happened.

Apparently, the girls were at the intersection of Tramway and Academy when they were hit by another vehicle. The car took off. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan stopped to render aid, despite the fact that it seemed like the car would blow at any moment.

When the police arrived on the scene, they had to call the jaws of life to extract the girls from the car. The teenagers – Amaya and Georgia – were both taken to the hospital. Amaya suffered a broken femur and had to get surgery right away. Georgia was also seriously injured. She needed 15 stitches. She also broke her neck and back in several places.

The police are still looking for the car that the teenager’s vehicle. They know the car had run a red light and smashed into the victims’ car. After the crash, the suspect took off on foot. There is no indication that the police have any more information on the driver of the hit and run vehicle.

If your loved one is hurt in a hit and run accident, you should call our office in Georgia right way. You may have a potential claim for damages against the other driver.


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