Savannah Single-Car Accident Shuts Down Abercorn Street

collision on highway 56

On Sunday afternoon, February 28th, a Savannah single-car accident on Abercorn Street shut down two lanes of the roadway in both directions. According to the Savannah Police Department, the incident happened near Mercy Boulevard at about 3:45 p.m. 

The police said that the victim, Ronald Nelson, 40, was heading west on Abercorn Street when he crossed into the multiple lanes. The car struck a curb, flipped, and left the roadway before striking a utility pole and a tree. 

Responding medics took Nelson to a nearby hospital to treat life-threatening injuries. There is no update on his condition at the time of this report. The Traffic Investigation Unit of the SPD is heading the investigation into the Savannah single-car accident. 

Single-vehicle accidents are one of the common types of road accidents. It does not involve more than one car and usually occurs when a person goes off the roadway, strikes a stationary object or utility pole. Injuries sustained in this type of occurrence involve bruises, road rash, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In more severe cases, the victim dies. 

In cases where the accident involves more than one person, the police begin an investigation to determine the at-fault party. To do this, they will take witness statements, listen to the parties, reconstruct the crash scene if needed, and look at the video footage. 

Once the police determine fault, the victim can sue the at-fault driver to recover damages for the loss suffered. The compensation usually covers loss of income, medical bills, loss of consortium where applicable, and psychological or emotional harm.

If the victim shares fault in the accident, it would impact the amount they get as compensation to the tune of their negligence. In either case, it is advisable to secure a Georgia car accident attorney’s services. 


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