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Motorcyclist Killed in Multi-Car Crash in Norcross

Multi-Car Crash in Norcross

The police responded to a fatal multi-car crash in Norcross this past Wednesday. Just after 5 pm on May 6, 2020, there was a call regarding a multi-vehicle accident that happened at the intersection of Indian Trail Lilburn Road and Oakbrook Parkway. An ambulance arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

A man driving his motorcycle was traveling Eastbound on Oakbrook Parkway. He was in the far-left lane and was attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Indian Trail Lilburn Road. At the same time, another vehicle was in the second turn lane, to the right of the motorcyclist. The way the road is set up is that there are actually two lanes from which you can make a left-hand turn from Oakbrook Parkway onto Indian Trail Lilburn Road. In this case, both of these lanes were in use and both drivers were trying to negotiate left-hands turns at the same time.

Austin Caldwell, the 24-year old man riding the motorcycle, veered into the second lane while trying to turn onto Indian Trail Lilburn Road. He ended up crashing into a Toyota Camry. Then his bike skidded all the across the highway. He proceeded to slam into a parked United States Post Office truck that was parked on the other side of Oakbrook Parkway.

Caldwell was rushed to the local hospital. Sadly, his injuries were too serious and passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. There has been no information provided on the medical condition of either of the other drivers. Their names have also been withheld.

The police did indicate that they think speed played a role in this crash. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

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