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Son of U.S. Representative Critically Injured in High-Speed Cycling Race

Son of U.S. Representative Critically Injured in High-Speed Cycling Race

Tom Graves is a U.S. Representative for the state of Georgia. He is planning on retiring after this term so he can spend more time with his family. His son, John Graves, goes to Georgia Tech. He is an avid cyclist and decided to take part in a high-speed cornering race this past weekend.

On Sunday, March 8, at about 11 am, the Calhoun County police were called to the scene of an accident. They knew that the crash involved one of the cyclists taking part in the Calhoun Downtown Criterium race. The race involved members of the Georgia Tech Cycling Team. John Graves is part of this team.

When the police got to the scene, along with the Calhoun Fire Department, they realized that one of the cyclists was indeed injured. It was Tom Graves’ son, John Graves. He was critically injured in the race and was airlifted to the trauma unit at a nearby hospital.

There were not a lot of details released about what caused Graves to get injured. His father and the authorities confirmed that he was in the intensive care unit of the hospital as of Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, his father did Tweet that his son was a strong boy and was already showing signs of responsiveness.

Members of both sides of lawmakers have shown signs of support and said they were praying for John Graves and his family. Nobody has said what hospital Graves was taken to. Nor have they indicated the exact nature of the young man’s injuries.

Cycling accidents can be extremely dangerous, especially given the fact that this race was a high-speed cornering race. We imagine further details may be released later this week.

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