Drivers Killed in a Head-On Collision on Athens Highway

Collision on Athens Highway

Two male drivers lost their lives following a head-on collision on Athens Highway. The accident occurred during the early hours of Saturday, April 24th. According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, one of the drivers crossed the centerline of the roadway, causing the collision. 

The crash report disclosed that around 2 a.m., a Gainsville man identified as 25-year-old Marcos Ezequiel Lopez headed south on Athens Highway. For reasons the police have not uncovered, he crossed the center line, colliding head-on with a northbound vehicle. 

The sheriff’s deputies identified the driver of the second car, an SUV, as 42-year-old Toby Langley of Jackson County. The police said both men died at the scene, and they had had their seatbelts on when the accident occurred. The investigation into the head-on collision on Athens Highway is ongoing. 

Head-on collisions are not uncommon on Georgia roadways, and they occur for otherwise avoidable reasons. This accident type often leads to fatalities, and those who survive, sustain severe life-altering injuries. Common known causes of head-on collisions include distracted driving, driving while tired, and not adjusting behavior to poor weather or low visibility. 

Others include using a poor technique when overtaking a vehicle and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Running red lights and illegal lane change also causes head-on collisions. Usually, the victim in a head-on collision can file a claim against the fault party. 

The claim could be against the negligent driver’s insurance provider or a personal injury lawsuit when the insurer refuses to pay. If the victim’s suit succeeds, they are entitled to receive financial compensation covering property damages, medical bills, and emotional trauma. Depending on the case’s facts, a court might award punitive damages. 

Were you involved in a head-on collision? Contact our Georgia auto accident attorneys to get the help you need. 


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