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Car Flips Over on Interstate-75 at 17th Street

A car that has flipped over on a highway.

When the police respond to an accident at 4 in the afternoon, they know they could be dealing with a mess. This is the time of day when rush-hour traffic starts on the way home from work. Good or bad, with the COVID-19 outbreak, there may have been fewer cars on the Interstate. The police responded to a crash on Interstate-75 at 17th Street. They knew the crash involved at least one vehicle but they didn’t know the details.

When the police and Atlanta Fire Department personnel got to the scene, they found an SUV flipped over. It was resting on the road upside down and the entire car looked to be crushed. They fully expected that they’d have to extract a driver from the car and were prepared to do so.

Thankfully, nobody needed to be cut out of the car. The driver was not trapped. The report did not mention that there were any passengers in the car. They also do not believe any other vehicles were involved in the crash.

The cops made sure the driver was transported to the hospital. They have not provided any sort of update on their medical condition. From the looks of the car, one would imagine they’re in pretty bad shape. The name of the driver has not been released. The police are still waiting to contact the next of kin.

The police are still investigating the accident. Since there were no other cars involved, they really have to wait until the driver is able to help give them details. They have not indicated that alcohol or drugs played any role in the accident.

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