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Bus Accident in Atlanta Leaves 5 Dead and 2 Critically Injured

A bus that has struck a pole in Atlanta.

On Wednesday evening, on March 12, 2020, the police in Atlanta responded to a terrible car crash. The accident involved a MARTA bus and two other vehicles. Apparently, a 32-year old man was driving his Nissan down Bolton Avenue. It was at about 11 pm. The man had several passengers in the vehicle with him. The reports show that the family in the Nissan were on their way home.

For some reason, the driver of the Nissan lost control of the vehicle and crossed the center line. He ended up crashing head-on into a MARTA bus that was coming in the opposite direction. 

The bus driver was taken to the hospital with what were described as minor injuries. None of the passengers on the bus were hurt. The name of the bus driver has not been released.

The man driving the Nissan and one other passenger were taken to Grady hospital and are listed as in critical condition. However, all of the other passengers in the Nissan would die from their injuries.

Two of the victims were children – one was 4-years old and the other was just 19 months old. They are believed to be the children of one of the other victims in the crash. An 18-year old and 22-year old were also taken to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. 

No charges have been filed and the police have not provided any further information. They are not sure what caused the driver to lose control of the Nissan. The cops had to go personally to the victim’s family’s home minutes after the accident to let them know what had happened. The victim’s grandmother had said that she had just talked to her family 5 minutes earlier and couldn’t believe what had happened.

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