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Getting the Most out of a Car Accident Settlement in Georgia

car accident settlement

Car accidents are devastating experiences. Cases usually end in car accident settlements in Georgia. During car accidents, victims suffer several losses and damages. Examples of such losses or damages include property damage, loss of wages or income, medical bills, pain and suffering, etc.

Without the proper documentation and representation, car accident victims get less compensation than they deserve. This article will be informing you about the best ways to get more out of your car accident when you do not have many faults in the occurrence.

Also, since Georgia is a modified comparative fault state, you can only get compensation if you have less than 50% of the accident’s blame. It means you will receive your settlement based on the percentage of your fault.

Determining how much blame you have in an accident and getting the appropriate documentation for your case can be complex. An experienced car accident attorney should be able to help you with everything related to your personal injury claim.

Tips to Getting More From Your Car Accident Settlement

In Georgia, several laws are in place regarding car accident settlement and personal injury claims. These laws might reduce the amount of compensation you get. To reduce the effects of these laws on your payment, you should consider the following tips.

Stay at the Accident Scene 

After an accident occurs in Georgia, you must wait at the accident scene. If you were the at-fault driver, you could get charged with committing a hit-and-run if you do not stay. This felony can land you in jail and with a hefty fine.

Also, if you get accused of a hit-and-run, it would reduce the compensation you would get. This is why you must wait until the appropriate authorities arrive at the scene and clear you for departure.

Contact the Police

You must let the police know about the car crash as soon as you can. They would be able to make a report about the accident and conduct investigations. The police’s investigation goes a long way in helping your case. Their record helps validate your claim in court, which can move the case in your favor.

Get Eyewitness Reports

Getting eyewitness reports makes your case more believable. Witnesses at the accident scene can corroborate your story on the events that led to the accident. This is especially necessary if you suspect the other driver was driving under the influence or if they were driving recklessly. All this helps build your case and can help you get more money.

See a Doctor Immediately

You should see a doctor after your accident. It is essential for two reasons. Firstly, it helps uncover any external or internal injury the crash might have caused. Secondly, a doctor’s report plays a critical role in your case.

The report you receive from your doctor’s visits can help increase the amount of money you receive. These reports prove the effects of the accident on you, which calls for monetary compensation.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company must know about your auto crash as soon as it happens. It is in your contract with them. If you do not let them know, they can deny you some of your rights.

When you are denied some of the rights, like talking to a personal injury lawyer, you will end up spending your own money on a lawyer. Essentially, you will be losing more money in the long run.

Gather Enough Evidence

Pieces of evidence you gather at the accident scene are very crucial because they would help your case. Such evidence includes pictures of vehicles, locations, bottles of alcohol in the at-fault driver’s car, etc.

Additionally, you should keep records of all the bills and costs you incurred. Such costs could be lawyer fees, car repair bills, medication, therapy fees, etc. Having proof is very good in ensuring you receive your full payment.

Calvin Smith Law Is Ready To Help You With Your Car Accident Settlement Claim

Another crucial step to take if you want to get the most in your car accident settlement is to contact a personal injury attorney. A Georgia personal injury attorney from Calvin Smith Law has the job of building your car accident case. They would help you get the necessary compensation for your damages.

With our impressive record in dealing with personal injury cases, it is no surprise that our clients highly recommend us. We deal with car accidents, workers’ compensation, negligent security, and others.

At Calvin Smith Law, we can assure you of our “If you do not win, you do not pay” policy. We ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve in damages. We even give free consultations. Reach out to us today.

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