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Georgia Car Accident Claims: The Use of Police Reports

Georgia car accident claims

Car accidents can put you in a world of hassle as you will have to deal with the legal technicality of Georgia car accident claims while recovering from your injuries. Usually, people tend to call the law enforcement agencies or the paramedics after car accidents.

It is a vital point for any Georgia car accident claims since the reports from the police officer, or their statement can help you prove the driver at fault and get you the compensation you deserve. We will discuss how a police report can support your car accident claim. Let’s start by understanding more about a police report.

What Is a Police Report?

A police report is a complete overview that includes the officer’s findings relating to the car accident. A car accident can have various police reports if there is more than one officer on the scene from different departments or if there is an essential detail to supplement the initial report.

Any police officer arriving at the scene of the accident must include the following information in their report:

  • The date of the accident, as well as the place and time
  • Personal information of the drivers, such as names, addresses, contact details, and information regarding their insurance information

Additionally, the officer’s report must include testimonials and interviews of the drivers, bystanders, and passengers.

They also need to note down all the important information, take photos of the crash, the damages to the vehicle or any other property, and the perceptible injuries due to the accident. Moreover, the officer needs to note down all the observations they make at the scene, such as weather conditions, and create an image of the collision.

The officer should also include and mention any service calls in their reports. Furthermore, the officer will also give a traffic citation and add their findings regarding who they consider being at fault for the collision in the report.

Can a Police Report be Useful for Your Case?

You can use the police report to get compensation for your injuries by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. However, the insurance companies will investigate on their own before choosing to deny or accept your claim.

The insurance company investigator is most likely to look at the police report to know about the events throughout the accident. Even though the police report might show the other driver’s fault, the insurance provider can have a different outcome and reject your claim.

If you face such a scenario, you can work with a reputable attorney to file a lawsuit against the insurance company to determine negligence. Nevertheless, your attorney can use the police report as evidence if the case goes to trial. The judge will decide the parts of the report that the jury can see.

Is It Possible to Raise Questions Regarding the Content of the Police Report?

It is possible for your attorney and the lawyers representing the other side to challenge the information inside the police report. The police officer’s report is based on the evidence from asking the witnesses questions or examining the accident’s site.

The officers must do this as they were not present at the time of the accident. Therefore, there is a possibility that officers’ findings are not accurate since they can miss out on some factors. So, both parties can challenge the police report, but it might be challenging to influence the officer to change their report.

Challenges of Using the Police Report as Evidence in Georgia Car Accident Claims:

You may face some hurdles if you plan to use the police report as evidence for Georgia car accident claims. The insurance company can use the officer’s conclusion to present it differently. As a result, they can use it to reject your claim since it gives the insurance company leverage to use it to their advantage.

Moreover, you will have to get the police report’s copy which is a time-consuming task and can affect your negotiations with the insurance company. However, you can request the Georgia Department of Public Safety Open Records Unit to give you access to a copy of the report.

Also, you have to check for any irrelevant or misleading information in the report, which can create confusion. Furthermore, the police report may have some information redacted; however, your attorney can help you get the original report.

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