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Blind Spots and How They Affect Drivers

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Blind spots can be dangerous if you don’t know about them as a driver. When you’re driving, it’s normal for your focus to be on the front of your car. There’s a need to face the road to steer your vehicle appropriately and keep up with any traffic approaching you. However, there are times that you have to look at either the rear or side of your car. This is important when you’re backing up, taking complicated turns, or simply changing lanes. Looking at your side and rear is essential to avoid a car accident.

Several drivers are affected by blind spots in many ways. First, you need to have a clear view of everything around you before any maneuver. However, there are times when blind spots make it difficult to do this. In this article, the car accident lawyers at Calvin Smith Law Firm will walk you through all you should know about blind spots and how they affect drivers.

How Vehicle Size Affects Blind Spots

A vehicle’s size usually has a significant impact on blind spots. When it is a small vehicle, the blind spot is generally smaller. Most of the time, drivers with small cars can see other passenger vehicles around them. However, it could be difficult to spot pedestrians, motorcycles, or bicycles that pull into a blind spot and then stay there.

It’s easy to lose sight of smaller vehicles. Larger passenger vehicles usually have more prominent blind spots. Large personal trucks, SUVs, and vans typically have enough room in their blind spot for small cars to go unnoticed. It’s even more prevalent when the car hovers in the blind spot for a more extended period. Due to this, it’s easy to take a turn that could cause a car accident.

Big trucks usually have the most significant blind spots, which is more dangerous. They have blind spots on both sides of their vehicle, at the rear and the front. In most cases, if the passenger vehicle gets too close to the truck, there’s a high possibility that the truck driver will never notice their presence. That’s why most truck drivers pay careful attention to the road around them to avoid car accidents.

The Various Types of Blind Spot Accidents

Different car accidents occur because of blind spots. Most times, it is because a smaller car slipped into the blind spot of the larger car. Below are the types of blind spot accidents that could occur.

Sideswipe Collision

In sideswipe collisions, a car moves out of its lane and swipes the vehicle in the other lane. Most sideswipe collisions result in significant damage to the vehicle by the side where the car accident took place. However, there are minor cases where the collision only damages the victim’s side mirror.

This type of car accident is common during merging because most drivers focus on the road ahead rather than the cars around them. However, it could also occur while changing lanes and when a driver indulges in aggressive driving.

Right-Turn Accidents

This type of car accident is common with big trucks. This is because they usually require lots of space to make turns. Sometimes, the motorists signal in advance and navigate to the left to prevent a potential car accident. However, not all truck drivers exercise this level of care to avoid car accidents. Sometimes, the driver could hit the car in their blind spot when making a turn.

Head-On Collision

In head-on collisions, the driver strikes what’s in front of the vehicle. Smaller cars usually don’t have blind spots on these occasions. However, big trucks have large blind spots in front of their car because the driver cannot look over the car to see what’s in front. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and even cyclists sometimes fit into these blind spots without the driver noticing. So when there’s heavy pedestrian traffic on tight streets, you should take note of big trucks and avoid stepping in front of one.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer After a Blind Spot Collision

The driver who commits an error resulting in a car accident most times bears liability. Drivers have a duty of care to other drivers on the road and must always express caution. A driver who fails to do this and causes a blind spot accident owes you compensation.

An experienced car accident attorney will effectively help you understand your rights after a blind spot accident and your right to compensation. Our auto accident attorneys at Calvin Smith Law Firm will also inform you about what to expect during the filing process and the damages you can receive from the fault party. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and review your case.

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