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Why Do So Many Construction Workers in Atlanta Get Hurt on the Job?

Construction workers often suffer serious falls.

Anybody can get hurt on the job. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. However, our Atlanta workers comp attorneys tend to see construction workers more than just about anyone else. This is because construction workers are at a much greater risk of getting hurt at work.

Construction Workers Are at a Much Greater Risk of Suffering a Workplace Injury

Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Atlanta represent all sorts of people. Some of them work as commercial drivers. Others are electricians or carpenters. More than any other type of professional, we tend to represent construction workers who have been denied their workers’ compensation benefits.

When you think about it, this makes sense. Construction workers tend to work in dangerous environments. For example, they may be working on a demolition site, surrounded by debris and other materials. Or they may spend a lot of their time on top of buildings or scaffolding.

Construction Workers Often Have to Work from Great Heights

Many of the construction workers our Atlanta workers comp attorneys represent suffered a fall at work. Some of our clients fell from scaffolding. Others fell from the second or third story of a building.

When a person falls from a great height like this, there is a good chance they may suffer a traumatic brain injury. Other workers are knocked off by a piece of heavy equipment. These workers tend to suffer life-threatening injuries.

People in the Construction Industry Also Have to Work with Dangerous Equipment

Most people, including our workers’ compensation lawyers in Atlanta, work in an office setting. While there is still a risk of getting hurt, it is much lower than it is for construction workers.

Construction workers have to use dangerous equipment such as backhoes and forklifts. They are also required to operate heavy equipment like jackhammers. One false move and they can end up in the hospital.

Our Atlanta Workers Comp Attorneys Have Represented Many Construction Workers Over the Years

One of the reasons our Atlanta workers comp attorneys meet with so many construction workers is because their claims are denied. Sometimes their employer doesn’t believe their injuries happened on the job. Or they may feel their employee is exaggerating their injuries.

In our opinion, many of these construction workers suffered serious injuries. They required extensive medical care. What this means is that they may be on workers’ compensation for weeks or even months. The insurance company doesn’t always want to pay these claims.

Many Construction Workers Suffer Devastating Injuries On the Job

One reason construction workers have a hard time getting their workers’ comp benefits is that their injuries are very serious. The insurance carriers don’t mind paying benefits for someone whose injuries are minor. These types of injuries won’t cost them all that much money.

When construction workers get injured on the job, they usually require long-term medical care. They may be out of work for months or even a year. The insurance companies figure they can save money if they deny these claims and settle them for less down the road.

You May Have Suffered a Broken Back or Spinal Cord Injury if You Fell from Scaffolding

Given the nature of their work, the construction workers that our Atlanta workers comp attorneys represent have suffered life-changing injuries. When somebody falls from a two or three-story building, they’re bound to be seriously hurt.

Construction accident, Atlanta workers comp lawyer concept

Many construction workers end up with a broken neck or back when they fall on-site. Others end up paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury. These workers deserve workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, they may need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta to help them get them.

Some of Our Clients Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from Their Work-Related Accident

Even if a worker escapes death or a spinal cord injury, that doesn’t mean they’ll walk away unscathed. A lot of our clients suffer traumatic brain injuries as a result of their workplace accidents.

When someone experiences a brain injury, it can change their life forever. They may have trouble communicating with other people. They may not be able to get around or work ever again.

Employers and Insurance Companies Tend to Deny Larger Workers Comp Claims

Because construction workers tend to suffer serious injuries, their claims are usually larger than other workers. For example, if someone slips and falls at work, they may be out of work for a few weeks. The insurance company has to cover their medical bills, but they don’t have to pay long-term weekly benefits.

Construction workers, on the other hand, often suffer permanent disabilities. Not only will they collect weekly benefits, but they may also be entitled to permanent disability benefits. The insurance companies do not want to pay these larger claims.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Atlanta Can Help Appeal Your Claim

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you still have options. Your Atlanta workers comp attorney can always appeal your claim. If this doesn’t work, they can file a lawsuit against your employer.

The good news is that it doesn’t always come to this. Our workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta has noticed that insurance companies are just looking for a settlement. They’ll do anything to save money.

The Insurance Company is Usually Willing to Negotiate a Settlement 

Once your Atlanta workers comp attorney can prove that you’ve suffered a permanent disability, it changes things. Instead of demanding weekly benefits, your lawyer may be demanding significant damages.

What usually happens in cases like this is your attorney will negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier. For example, your permanent disability may entitle you to 300 weeks’ worth of benefits. Instead of paying the full amount, the insurance company may settle for a lump sum.

Take the Time to Sit Down with an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta

If you’re a construction worker who’s been injured on the job, you should contact our office right away. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Atlanta have helped dozens of construction workers in the past. We’ll work hard to make sure you get the benefits you deserve.

Your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve are better if you retain an Atlanta workers comp attorney. They know how to deal with large insurance companies. They also know what it takes to prove your permanent injuries.

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