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When To Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident

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A car accident is usually unexpected, and many people do not have any first-hand experience of what to do or not do after a vehicle collision. It can get traumatizing, especially if injuries get sustained or death occurs.

Accidents can be disorienting even when no injuries get sustained. Therefore, it is not unusual to be clueless about what to do after a car crash, even if you’re the most competent person.

If you get injured in a car accident, and it is the other driver’s fault, you may want to do something about it. But you might not know what to do or even not want to do anything about it. However, you can hire an auto accident lawyer to advise you on the best course of action.

Reasons Why You May Not Need a Car Accident Attorney

There are different scenarios, different decisions, and different possible outcomes of a vehicle accident. The real question then is: are there reasons why you may not need a lawyer?

Choosing to hire a car accident or personal injury attorney after a collision is not compulsory. However, it is an option, especially if you were injured or the accident was the other party’s fault.

But hiring a lawyer is sometimes not always the right step to take. Below are possible scenarios where hiring a personal injury lawyer may not be in your best interests:

  • When the Accident Was Your Fault

You probably do not need to hire a personal injury attorney if the accident was your fault and you’re in an at-fault state. If you have an insurance provider, they will provide a personal injury lawyer for you. The attorney defends you since they’re working for the benefit of your insurance company.

  • You Have Lots of Time and Don’t Mind Handling Your Claim

What car accident lawyers do is not mysterious. Experience and expertise make personal injury lawyers more efficient and effective.  However, what they do is not beyond your abilities if you have the time and you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person.

You can get information; teach yourself the different steps of the process. It often involves making lots of calls, getting the relevant documents, and getting mentally prepared.

If you put in the relevant work, you can get tasked with the responsibility of defending yourself. Certain people derive joy and satisfaction from facing a new challenge. If you are in this category, you probably don’t need a personal injury attorney.

  • You Don’t Want To Get Paid for Your Losses

There are people with a very laid-back approach to things. If you’re one of such people and get into a car accident with no injuries, you might want to let bygones be bygones.

It is easier to have this attitude if the accident was minor and there was no property damage to anyone. Also, you might be in a hurry to somewhere you consider more important. However, it is almost impossible to have this attitude if you sustained significant injuries and have other issues you’re handling at the time.

If you consider any accident to be no big deal, then getting an auto accident attorney is unnecessary.

When Do You Need To Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Given the shocking statistics available about car crashes in Atlanta, it’s no wonder people want to know when to hire an attorney after an accident. In Atlanta, about 342,534 accidents occur annually. On average, there are 1,198 crashes daily.

With these figures, it is safe to say that your chances of being in a car crash are quite high. Therefore, you must know when to call an attorney after a vehicle accident. There are liabilities following almost all car crashes. The earlier you find out your liabilities, the better.

You should hire a lawyer after a car crash in the following situations:

  • When the negligence of another driver caused the accident
  • You suffered severe injuries or significant damage to your vehicle.
  • When you feel that you’re getting lowballed by the other driver’s insurance carrier
  • You suffered severe or permanent injuries
  • When your accident was due to the negligence of a government agency
  • When a loved one died from the accident

Can I Get Compensated Without a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Theoretically? Yes. In practice, almost impossible. Car accident attorneys spend years training and getting experience on how to get their clients’ best possible pay-outs. It will work in your best interest if you contact a personal injury attorney immediately after an accident.

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