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What Is a No-Zone Accident in Atlanta?

no-zone accident

A no-zone accident refers to truck crashes that occur when a driver is in a no-zone area in Atlanta. The term “no-zone” was first used by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to campaign against unsafe driving around trucks’ blindspots. According to the administration, trucks have large blind spots around all four sides. Truck drivers can’t see you until you can see their faces in their mirrors.

Reports show that no-zone accidents are hazardous and large-truck accidents accounted for 5,005 deaths in 2019. Also, most no-zone crash injuries affect 69% of other vehicle occupants, 29% of the truck occupants, and 2% of non-occupants. These accidents usually cause severe injuries because of the nature of the vehicle involved.

This article discusses the areas of a truck where no-zone accidents happen and how you can avoid them. It also addresses the liability concerns relating to truck accidents. If you have more questions about no-zone accidents, our truck accident lawyers will provide answers for you.

What Areas of a Truck Are Considered No-Zone? 

As stated earlier, no-zone accidents occur when a vehicle collides with a truck at one of its blind spots. The majority of truck crashes happen in the no-zone areas because these areas are outside the truck driver’s view. Usually, car drivers will turn their heads to view vehicles that they can’t see with their mirrors.

However, that can be difficult for big truck drivers to do. For example, an 18-wheeler’s blind spots are several yards long, so they can’t see smaller vehicles within those areas. These no-zone areas include:

  • Rear No-Zone 

Many truck accidents in Atlanta involve the rear no-zone. Trucks are high and enormous. As such, their drivers cannot see smaller vehicles behind them. It’s worse because many trucks don’t have standard rear-view mirrors to help truckers see cars behind them.

That makes it very easy for accidents to occur at that blind spot. Sometimes, it could be as bad as a car crashing underneath the truck when the trucker hits the brakes unexpectedly. Many rear no-zone accidents end up becoming fatal.

That’s why car drivers shouldn’t follow trucks too closely behind. They must leave enough space behind trucks to allow for emergency stops. That way, when the truck hits its brakes suddenly, it doesn’t collide with the vehicles at its back.

  • Front No-Zone

It’s easy to think that since the truck driver focuses on the front, it’s a safe zone for other drivers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Trucks are much more elevated than regular automobiles. As such, it’s easy for truckers to overlook the vehicles directly in front of them. To avoid accidents in this no-zone, be sure not to stay too close to a truck’s front where possible.

  • Left and Right Side No-Zone 

For the same reason that a truck’s front can be a dangerous zone, its sides are no-zones. While a car’s side mirrors may be enough to see the car’s flanks, it’s different for a trucker. A truck’s mirrors only cover limited areas and, most times, don’t show cars at their sides.

As such, car drivers need to take adequate precautions when overtaking a truck or driving by its sides. To know if your car is within the truckers’ side-view, check if you can see their faces through their mirrors. If you can see them, they can see you, and if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

  • Within the Truck’s Turning Radius 

Notice when a truck tries to make a turn. It takes a lot of time, skill, precision, and expertise because of how large the vehicle is. It’s much more complicated when they’re trying to make a turn around a tight corner.

It’s dangerous for smaller vehicles to be within a truck’s turning radius. That’s because they can easily hit a car at their blind spots when they’re trying to maneuver through bends. You must stop for a truck to make its complete turn before you continue to avoid accidents.

Am I At-Fault for a No-Zone Collision in Atlanta?

Like all other drivers, truckers have a legal responsibility to exercise reasonable care and caution as they drive. Thus, trucks can still be responsible for accidents in the no-zone if they drive recklessly. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, both you and the trucker could be jointly responsible for the crash. Your personal injury lawyer will analyze your case and let you in on who’s at fault for your accident.

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