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What Causes a Slip and Fall in Gas Stations?

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Gas stations can bring you relief, especially when you have been searching for one and you have to top up your gas just before you’re running empty. However, gas stations could also be harmful when you suffer an accident in them.

Like most other public premises, gas stations have to keep their premises safe for customers. But, unfortunately, there are many ways that gas stations can be dangerous to customers. Many times, these dangerous conditions could lead to accidents such as slips and falls.

Below, we detail what causes slips and falls at gas stations and what you can do if you’re in such situations. Contact a premises liability attorney immediately if you ever experience a slip and fall at a gas station.

Causes of Slip and Falls at Gas Stations

According to the National Safety Council, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits in 2019. The CDC also states that falls cause about 39,433 deaths per year. This shows how dangerous and sometimes fatal slips and falls can get.

The following are some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries at gas stations:

  • Water and Food Spills

When most people stop by at a gas station, they also walk into the convenience store to buy food or drinks. If they spill these, and the gas station staff do not clean them up, it could cause a slip and fall. In addition, certain foods make the floor dangerously slippery. Water or drinks are also not a good combination with the floor, especially if you wear slippery footwear.

  • Bad Weather Conditions

You already know that winter is full of many hazards. Businesses like gas stations should know this too and ensure that the parking lots have minimal snow and ice at all times. If not, customers run the risk of slipping and falling due to their negligence. When this happens, they would need to compensate the victim.

  • Bathroom Hazards 

Bathrooms are some of the most common places to suffer injury if you’re at a gas station. This is because so many people use these public bathrooms. As such, they might leave debris and water running on the floor.

If you are unsuspecting, these may cause you to slip and fall on the bathroom floor. Not only is it disgusting, but it could also lead to severe injuries like back, spinal and neck injuries. This is why the gas station employees need to ensure that the bathrooms are free of hazards at all times.

  • Oil And Gas Spills

Unfortunately, many customers at the gas stations spill gas and oil while pumping. This could create a very slippery condition for themselves and other customers. Therefore, the gas station has to ensure that they clean these spills promptly before people get hurt.

  • Potholes 

Gas stations are some of the most patronized places; everybody needs gas. Unfortunately, this could cause potholes to spring up fast in their parking lots. Unfavorable weather conditions also add to the occurrences of potholes. If you’re an unsuspecting customer, you could easily slip and fall because of them. This is why the owners need to spot these and repair them before they become a hazard.

  • Inadequate Lighting 

This is usually the trigger for most slips and falls. If you cannot see the floor, you do not even know if it has something that could make you slip and fall. In addition, many slips and falls are a result of the area not being properly lit. Gas station owners should repair faulty lighting fixtures and install new ones in poorly lit places. This will significantly reduce slips and falls.

Determining Liability in Gas Station Slips and Falls

If a gas station has any of the above listed, one would think it would be easy to prove that the gas station was liable for the slip and fall. However, the gas station and their insurance carriers will likely argue that they had no hand in the injury.

As such, you should speak to a premise liability lawyer to comb through the details. They would determine if the gas station owner is liable for the injury and help establish that fact. They will also help you claim financial compensation for damages.

Contact a Premises Liability Attorney Today!

While it might be hard to determine legal liability in slip and fall cases, the right attorney will make the process a walk-in-the-park. If you or your loved ones are involved in a gas station slip and fall, contact our premises liability attorneys at Calvin Smith Law. We will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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