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What Happens if Someone Else Drives Your Car and Gets Into an Accident?

Car accident. What if someone crashes your car?

You may consider it inconsequential when you let a trusted friend, relative, or colleague drive your car. However, you need to think of the possible consequences if the person gets into an accident while driving your vehicle.

Sometimes, if someone else was driving your car and gets involved in an accident, you might have issues with your insurance company. Hence the need to be careful about who you permit to drive your vehicle. This article looks at the legal implications of someone getting into an accident with your car.

Does Your Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

Most car owners assume that their insurance applies only to drivers. That is if they are not the ones driving their vehicles, the insurance company of whoever that’s driving their car during an accident pays for damages.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), insurance applies to the vehicles, not drivers. Therefore, if another person is driving your car and is at fault in a vehicle crash, your insurance company pays.

In an at-fault accident, your insurance company covers for the following:

  • Medical Payments: If your vehicle’s driver or the other driver gets injured after a crash caused by your car’s driver, your insurance policy will offset the medical bills.
  • Collisions: The collision coverage covers repairs of a vehicle after a crash, and it applies after you have paid the deductibles.
  • Auto-Liability: In an at-fault accident, the auto-liability coverage pays for the other driver’s damaged car or medical bills. Unfortunately, the coverage will not pay for your car’s damage or the medical bills of the person driving your vehicle.

It is essential to note that your insurance may not cover all accidents and damages. For instance, if certain persons who drive your vehicle are unlisted in your policy, they will have no coverage.

If the person driving your car were not at fault, your insurance company would not pay for injuries or damages. The car owner at fault will pay for damages and injuries, especially if you are in an at-fault state like Georgia.

What Is Permissive Use?

In-car insurance policies, permissive use refers to a situation whereby the policyholder overtly or tactically permits another to drive their vehicle. The permissive use term covers people who are not household members in your policy.

Household members refer to people who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Any other person will need to obtain permission to drive your car. However, you must understand that not all insurance policies cover permissive use. Also, policies that cover permissive use sometimes provide limited coverage or increased deductibles.

What Is Non-Permissive Use?

Non-permissive use is when a person drives your vehicle without getting your consent. Examples are; when your car gets stolen or if a friend or non-household family member takes your car without your permission.

In the case of non-permissive use, the person driving the car when it got into an accident might pay for injuries and damages. Unfortunately, if the person driving your vehicle without your permission is not insured, you might have to pay out of pocket. In situations where the person who took your car without your consent is insured, their insurance might get tapped.

What Is the Implication of Someone Else Getting Into an Accident With Your Car?

When someone else is driving your car and gets into an accident, there are things you have to take note of:

  •  Find out who is at fault in the accident.
  • Take note of the injuries and damages; take any injured party to the hospital for treatment.
  • Find out the extent to which your policy covers the damages and injuries.
  • Do you need to sue the driver of your vehicle for non-permissive use?

Different circumstances determine what will follow after a crash involving your car with another person driving. Sometimes, you may have to get in touch with the insurance company of the person driving your vehicle. That is if the person has an active policy.

In the instance where an insured driver was driving your car, and an accident occurs, your premium and deductibles increase. You might also be charged for further damages, especially if your coverage is not enough. You need to know that you will be held liable for whatever happens if your vehicle gets into an accident with another person driving.

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