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What to Do if You Slip and Fall in an Atlanta Store?

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Knowing what to do if you slip and fall in an Atlanta store is crucial in making your claim a success. Slip and fall is a term used in personal injury cases. It is a situation where someone slips or trips and gets injured on someone else’s property, in this case, a store.

A slip and fall case begins when the victim of the incident seeks medical treatment for their wounds. Injuries you can sustain from this type of incident include head trauma, fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, bruises, cuts, etc.

In Georgia, if it is clear or relatively obvious that it was the negligence of the store owner that led to the accident, you are to be compensated for your losses.

However, Georgia has a statute of limitation that states that the victim must file a lawsuit against the store within two years of the slip and fall accident. This is why it is vital to get started on your claim immediately after the accident occurs.

Seek Medical Help

After a slip and fall incident in an Atlanta store, your health should be your top priority. Whether you were hurt or not after the incident, it is essential to see a doctor. At the hospital, the doctor will adequately document your injuries. This medical report will become a vital piece of evidence later on.

It is critical to seek medical help because some injuries from slip and fall accidents cannot be noticed, except by professionals. If you experience severe pain or difficulty moving, stay on the floor and call 911 immediately or get someone around to do that for you.

Report the Fall

After a slip and fall, the next thing to do is to report the fall to the store manager or owner. While you report the incident to the store officials, make sure you get the manager or owner’s name, phone number, and insurance details.

While reporting the incident, do not give the store owner or manager a detailed account of the fall scene. This information is for your attorney alone.

Some stores might try to alter the details of the incident to their favor. This is why you must be cautious in your interactions with them. Also, you have to refuse to give a recorded statement until you contact your slip and fall attorney.

When reporting the fall, do not place blame and don’t take fault; state the facts.

Document Everything

Documentation after a slip and fall in Atlanta is crucial, especially if you hope to get compensated. You can do this by taking pictures of yourself and the accident scene. The images can go a long way in explaining what happened before, during, and after the accident.

When writing out the details of the incident, you should focus on:

  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • Who saw it happen?
  • Why you think it happened
  • And how you think it happened

It is essential to carry out the documentation while the details are still fresh in your memory after getting medical help. Doing the preceding prevents you from forgetting important details that could jeopardize your claim.

Get Evidence and Eyewitness Reports

After your slip and fall incident, it is essential to gather as much evidence as you can. You can try to identify the cause, such as a leakage or a wet floor.

Another way to get evidence is to talk to witnesses at the scene. They could help your case by talking about what they saw before and after your fall. Ensure you get their contact information.

The store’s security surveillance video could also be evidence, especially if you were severely hurt to remember details of the fall. You could also keep the clothes and shoes you wore that day, plus the casts and sling you were given at the hospital.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney at Calvin Smith Law!

One of the essential things, asides from getting medical help, after a slip and fall incident in an Atlanta store, is to contact your attorney. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Calvin Smith Law will give you advice on how to go about getting compensation from the store you fell in.

Also, your attorney is there to protect your evidence and rights throughout the whole process. Because of the rising number of fake or fraudulent slip and fall claims, it is crucial to get an experienced slip and fall lawyer to help you present your injury claims to get the justice you deserve.

Contact Calvin Smith Law today if you or anyone you know was a victim of a slip and fall incident.

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