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Woman Involved in a Head-On Collision in Athens Succumbs to Her Injuries

Concept photo: Woman injured in a head-on collision in Athens died

An older woman who was involved in a head-on collision in Athens early this month passed away. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department received the news of the victim’s death on Wednesday, October 13th. The police said they were notified that the woman died from complications caused by her injuries. 

The ACCPD identified the victim as 95-year-old Mary Case. According to the investigators, the woman was involved in an accident on Tuesday, October 5th. The preliminary investigation revealed that Case drove a Toyota Prius that collided head-on with an Acura RDX on West Broad Street near Sycamore Street.

The head-on collision in Athens led to the woman’s hospitalization. Two people in the Acura also received treatment at the hospital. At the time, the injuries of the three victims were described as non-life-threatening. The police said the Case suffered a suspected broken knee. 

The victim is now the 21st person to die due to a traffic accident in Athens-Clarke County this year. 

Losing a loved one in a car accident is never easy. It’s equally more difficult when you know the crash was not their fault but that of a careless and reckless driver. Thankfully, Georgia law doesn’t let negligent drivers go scot-free. A person who causes an accident that ends with severe bodily injury or death would face criminal and civil actions. 

The state handles the criminal side through the district attorney while the victim’s legal representatives file the civil action. The latter is a wrongful death claim, and if successful, the decedent’s survivors get economic and non-economic damages. 

The chances of succeeding in a wrongful death action are better when you work with an attorney. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers are experts in helping victims get maximum compensation. So contact us today for a free case review. 


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