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Two-Vehicle Collision on I-85 Exit Ramp in Fulton County Leaves Several People Injured

collision on i-85 exit ramp

A two-vehicle collision on the I-85 exit ramp in Fulton County left several people injured. The accident happened on the exit ramp’s southbound lanes leading to Highway 138, exit 64, on Wednesday, December 2nd, at about 9:52 p.m.

The crash report did not reveal the details of events leading to the occurrence. Still, it disclosed paramedics arrived at the scene in time to assist the injured victims. The number of wounded persons remains unascertained, and there are no details of a fatality. 

The extent of vehicle damage in the auto crash is still unknown. The investigation into the collision on the I-85 exit ramp is ongoing, and there’s currently no additional information.

The rate of road accidents and traffic crashes in Georgia has increased in recent years. However, fewer fatalities were recorded this year because of the Coronavirus. As of 2017, Georgia had about 1,540 motor vehicle fatalities making it the state with the 4th highest car crash deaths in America.

Most of Georgia’s traffic crashes are caused by drivers’ negligence, with the primary culprits being overspeeding, drunk driving, loss of control, distracted driving, and improper lane change. Other common causes are tailgating, road rage, and running red lights.

The high rate of traffic crashes caused by negligent driving also translates to increased personal injury claims in the state. If you are a victim of a car accident caused by a driver’s carelessness in Georgia, you can get damages by filing a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer. 

Your Georgia car accident attorney would help you navigate the bureaucracies and bottlenecks insurance companies pose. They will represent your interests to the fullest, help you avoid mistakes, and get you the best settlement possible for your case.


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