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Passenger Dies in Monroe County Car Wreck

Monroe County Car Wreck

A male passenger passed away in a Monroe County car wreck during the early hours of Tuesday, November 3rd. Anna Lewis, of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, placed the time of the crash after midnight on High Falls Road near Boxankle Road.

The preliminary investigation uncovered that a Mercury Grand Marius and a Ford Crown Victoria were involved in the accident. The Mercury was westbound on Interstate 75 when it struck the Ford.

The police said the Ford’s driver tried to avoid the contact with the Mercury, but it struck the car on the rear near the passenger’s headlight. The first vehicle then went down into a deep embankment. 

The impact trapped the passenger, Paul Dewberry, and first responders had to extricate him. Medics took the man to the Monroe County Hospital, where he later died from his injuries. The driver of the Mercury received treatment at Navicent for minor injuries.

The paramedics also took the Ford’s driver to the hospital as a precaution. Lewis said that the Mercury’s driver might face charges pending the conclusion of their investigation into the Monroe County car wreck.

Being involved in a car accident is a frustrating and terrifying experience for anyone, especially when there is an injury or death. The law provides avenues to hold the at-fault party responsible and for the victim to get compensated on the ground of personal injury. 

The victim is entitled to compensation covering medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property repairs cost. Getting these damages is easier and faster with the help of a car accident attorney. 

At Calvin Smith Law, we have skilled attorneys who work to get the best possible compensation for victims. Our Georgia auto accident attorneys have experience in this field and have helped countless others successfully. 


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