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Family Pays Tribute to Interstate 20 Hit-and-Run Victim

Interstate 20 Hit-and-Run Victim

As the police continue their search for the driver that killed 28-year-old Raley Morris, his family paid tribute to the Interstate 20 hit-and-run victim. On Thursday, April 1st, the victim’s family said in an interview that they couldn’t understand why the driver involved failed to stop after the incident. 

The bereaved relatives described the man as someone who always helped people, ensuring they feel included. They added that he always went out of his way to help others and deeply connected with people. 

Morris died on Saturday, March 27th, after the traffic accident on the interstate near Moreland Avenue. According to his relatives, the man was on his way to a park with his dog when a late model black Chevrolet Impala clipped his car. The impact caused the victim’s vehicle to spin around, going out of control. 

The driver fled the crash scene without stopping to check on Morris. Two witnesses, Kennethia Holmes and Roderick Clark, stopped to assist the victim. They were unable to save the man but managed to save his dog, Remi. 

The witnesses were also able to describe the Impala to the Atlanta Police. Anna Larkin, the victim’s relative, said they wished the driver stopped so that they could have some answers. The Atlanta Police Department met with Morris’s family to express their condolences. 

The police asked anyone with relevant information to contact them. The Interstate 20 hit-and-run victim was an organ donor, and his family noted that he would save or improve the lives of more than 50 people even in death. 

Relatives of fatal victims of hit-and-run accidents can bring legal action against the driver once the police apprehend them. In this case, they have to file a wrongful death action and ask for damages. Find out more from a Georgia auto accident attorney.


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