Georgia Department of Natural Resources Supervisor Killed in Crash

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Georgia Department of Natural Resources region supervisor for Gainesville, Captain Stan Elrod, was killed on Thursday night.

Governor Brian Kemp made the disclosure on Friday morning during a Press conference ahead of his flyaround tour branded “Four Things for Fall”.

Kemp said Elrod was on duty and engaging in physical training when he was tragically killed in Madison County.

He urged all Georgians to keep the Elrod family in their prayers.

The Georgia State Patrol said Elrod was hit by a 2008 Chevy Cobalt while on Hunt Road.

Troopers reported that the driver was unable to maintain his lane and he hit the DNR supervisor on the southbound side close to the shoulder.

The driver of the Cobalt was identified as 31-year-old Arvil Hamons of Danielsville.

He was taken into custody at the scene and he is now set to face several charges including first degree vehicular homicide.

Following Elrod’s passing, the Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Division issued a statement.

It said the division was mourning the passing of a 28-year-veteran.

Elrod was remembered as a committed officer and supervisor who was selfless and completely devoted to this safety of fellow officers, residents of Georgia and the state’s natural resources.

The statement said the team was beyond grateful to have worked with and known Captain Elrod and he made everyone better through his example.

The division added that the hearts of the 1,800 members of the DNR family went out to the Elrod family.

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