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Georgia Construction Site Worker Injured in Explosion

Georgia Construction Site Worker Injured

A worker was hospitalized after an explosion rocked a senior living complex still under construction in Georgia. The incident occurred on Thursday, November 12, in the northern Atlanta suburbs.  The name of the Georgia construction site worker injured in the blast was not released by the authorities.

According to local news reports, the explosion occurred in the elevator shaft of a senior living complex being built in Woodstock’s Cherokee County town. The unidentified worker suffered injuries in his abdomen after the explosion. Emergency responders transported him to a local hospital, while other workers at the site were evacuated. 

The complex does not have any occupants yet. Officials are carrying out investigations into the source of the explosion to determine if it was gas or electrical. Atlanta Gas Light, a natural gas distributor in the Atlanta area is working with authorities to determine the explosion’s nature. 

Construction site accidents often happen and result from several causes.  Some of these causes include falls, workers getting hit by objects, electrocution, and explosions. Others include ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, vehicular accidents, power tools and machinery accidents. 

Accidents can happen on the construction site when workers get caught between equipment. These mishaps can also occur due to negligence on the part of the worker or the construction company. These construction site accidents, when they occur, can be fatal. Hence workers need to be extra cautious to avoid them. 

Construction companies need to take proper measures to ensure the safety of their workers at all times. They must provide their workers with every safety equipment required for every type of construction work.

If you are a construction site worker involved in an accident or know a person who is, you must know you are entitled to compensation. Contact Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Calvin Smith Law to help you claim the benefits you are legally entitled to. 


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