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Evans County School Bus Accident Injures Driver and One Student

Evans County School Bus Accident

A Tattnall County school bus overturned, injuring the driver and one student. The Evans County school bus accident occurred on Monday, February 1, on Bay Branch Road near Daniel Pound Road. 

According to Sheriff Mac Edwards of the Evans County Sheriff’s Department, the driver and one of the students sustained injuries. The news report on the occurrence did not disclose the extent of the victims’ injuries but noted they are undergoing treatment. There is no additional information at this time. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are approximately 70 times more likely to use a bus to school. Thus, there is a strict requirement for school bus drivers to maintain the utmost care when transporting minors. 

Under Georgia law, a school bus driver must not drive if intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. While the state’s blood-alcohol limit for adults is .08%, commercial and school bus drivers must drive with less than .04%. 

Asides from not driving impaired, school bus operators must maintain the speed limit, avoid distractions and other dangerous road behaviors. The NHTSA notes that another way to protect students on school buses is following the compartmentalization theory. It protects children in large vehicles without requiring them to buckle up. 

By using closely-spaced seats, students are less at risk for injuries in the event of an accident. The chairs have energy-absorbing backs that help with compartmentalization. Despite these guidelines, accidents are bound to happen. 

When they do, a parent or guardian might choose to file an action against the driver, the school, or both. In such instances, the first thing to do is establish that the motorist was indeed at fault in the collision. After doing the preceding, contact a Georgia car accident lawyer to commence a personal injury lawsuit. 


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