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Crash Victim Considering Lawsuit Against Driver and Hospital

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A woman who was injured in a crash at Piedmont Hospital back in June is considering suing the facility.

Twenty-nine-year-old Kailyn Bailey said she was extremely hurt by what happened and she queried why she wasn’t protected in an emergency room.

It was the morning of June 30 when 75-year-old Mary Clayton lost control of her SUV and crashed into the ER of the Atlanta, Georgia hospital.

Fifty-five-year-old Kimberly Hall was killed, and several people were injured.

Among them was Bailey who was thrown through a door and knocked unconscious. She suffered two shattered hips, a broken pelvis, and a broken tailbone.

Bailey was only recently released from hospital and she spoke to the media about the crash.

Clayton was not charged in connection with the accident. The police said she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and she didn’t act deliberately.

However, it is understood that the investigation into the crash is still ongoing and charges aren’t off the table.

Bailey is accusing the hospital of not taking the necessary precautions and she is also considering suing the elderly woman.

Her lawyer said the hospital didn’t have “secured posts that provide a secured space between pedestrians and an ER and car traffic going through.”

Piedmont Hospital declined to comment on ongoing investigations or legal action but extended its sympathies to everyone impacted by this accident and its aftermath.

Bailey said Clayton didn’t reach out to her and she just wanted her to see that her life had changed.

Bailey said every day was a struggle for her and her family.

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