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Police Identify Man Killed in Clayton County Single-Car Crash

Concept photo: a man died in a Clayton County single-car crash

The man killed in a Clayton County single-car crash was identified by the police on Wednesday, October 13th. According to the authorities, 71-year-old Niles Noble died from his injuries and the subsequent fire that followed the crash.

The fatal accident happened on Monday evening, October 11th, on Interstate 675. According to the county police, the victim’s vehicle went off a roadway toward a group of trees near the entrance ramp on State Route 138. The investigators said it appears Noble tried to turn the car at the last minute but was unable to. 

The vehicle ended up wedged between multiple cars before catching fire. Several witnesses tried to open the car door to get the victim out, but they were unsuccessful due to severe damage. There is no additional information about the Clayton County single-car crash at this time. 

Motor vehicle accidents remain one of the leading causes of non-natural deaths in Georgia and the United States. A car crash could involve a single driver or two or more drivers. In single-car accidents, the surviving victim has no one to file an accident claim against. This is because their negligence most likely caused the accident. Thus, they will pay for their vehicle damage and injury treatment themselves or through their insurance carrier. 

However, there are times where the victim of a solo car crash would be eligible for compensatory damages. This would be the case when external factors caused the accident. An excellent example is where a design or manufacturing defect caused the accident. Here the claims would be against the vehicle manufacturer. 

Notably, winning against a manufacturing company is never easy, so you should hire the best car accident attorneys in Georgia. Contact us today at Calvin Smith Law to learn how we can help you win your accident claim. 


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