Roswell Police Case Ends in Fatal Crash

police in Roswell

Police in Roswell recorded a single fatality after a vehicle fleeing from a stop crashed. The single-vehicle accident happened during the early hours of Sunday, September 12th, according to police in Roswell. The crash report showed speed, and reckless driving contributed to the accident.

According to the Roswell Police Department, the accident occurred shortly after midnight in the area of Holcomb Bridge Road and Scott Road. The department said the Alpharetta Police Department informed them of vehicles traveling together and exhibiting reckless driving behavior. A short while after receiving the information, a Roswell police officer saw the group on Holcomb Bridge Road.

The officer saw an Infiniti G37 laying drag on the roadway and tried stopping the vehicle. But the car drove away, going eastbound at a high rate of speed. The officer chased the vehicle but stopped at the area of Holcomb Bridge Road and Calibre Creek Parkway. About a mile away, the Infiniti crashed.

The police said the collision force ejected a man and a woman from the vehicle. They found the victims’ on the roadway. The paramedics took the victims to the hospital, but the man succumbed to his wounds. The investigators are withholding the man’s identity pending notification of next-of-kin.

Roswell police said they have not determined whether the deceased victim was the vehicle driver or a passenger. The female victim suffered life-threatening injuries, and there’s no update on her condition at this time. However, the police said two people exited the crashed car by themselves and got into another vehicle that fled the scene.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. Anyone with relevant information should contact the RPD.

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