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Community Celebrates Life of Band Director Killed in Freak Canoeing Accident in Canton

Canoeing Accident in Canton

Now that it’s getting nicer out, families are getting outside as much as possible. They’re tired of being stuck inside due to the Coronavirus. The Harrison family of Etowah County was no different. The family, including the father, David “Harry” Harrison and his wife and kids were out on the river doing some canoeing. It was Saturday, May 2, 2020. At about 4:45 pm, the police were called to the scene of what would prove to be a fatal canoeing accident in Canton.

His family was out on the waters of the River Estates Parkway in Canton, Georgia. While out in the creek, a log found its way under Harrison’s canoe and flipped it over. He did not appear and his wife called 911.

The rescue crew and paramedics did what they could to revive David Harrison. Sadly, it was to no avail. He died at the scene and was pronounced dead shortly after 4:45 pm on Saturday.

Harrison was a community band director. He was also the Assistant Band Director for Reinhardt University. His family had an online memorial service for their loved one on social media. With the COVID-19 virus putting funerals on hold, this was the best the family could do.

There was a tremendous outpouring from Harrison’s friends and family. His fellow musicians and band members said he was a positive and caring music director. Many of his students said that he was more concerned with their enjoying playing music than he was in them doing it right.

The investigation is complete. It was, after all, a freak accident. The police don’t suspect anything more to it than that.

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