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92-Year-Old Dies in Auto-Pedestrian Collision in Macon

Auto-Pedestrian Collision in Macon

A 92-year-old pedestrian identified as Robert Woodford died after getting hit by a car near his home. The auto-pedestrian collision in Macon happened on Saturday morning, January 2nd, at about 10:30 a.m. 

Coroner Leon Jones said the victim lived in the 2200 block of New Clinton Road. The cor0ner stated in the crash report that 36-year-old Lena Spencer traveled down New Clinton Road, just before Companion Drive. 

According to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Spencer failed to see Woodford until he was in her travel lane where she struck him. The investigation into the occurrence is ongoing, and the sheriff’s office has not released any charges at this time. 

Anyone with relevant information on the auto-pedestrian collision in Macon should contact the sheriff’s office on the listed line. Bibb County recorded 11 pedestrian deaths in 2020, and Woodford marks the first fatality in 2021. 

Auto-pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in Georgia. While many assume that drivers are always at fault in such occurrences, statistics and crash reports show that motorists and pedestrians often share the blame.

Since blame in auto-pedestrian accidents is a two-way street, drivers and pedestrians must work together to promote safe road behaviors for their safety and others. To achieve this, pedestrians must ensure they cross using the designated crosswalks and stick to the sidewalks when walking. 

At night, pedestrians should wear bright and reflective colors and use a flashlight. Look left-right-left before crossing, and avoid dangerous road behaviors like jaywalking. On their part, drivers must yield the way to pedestrians, maintain the speed limit in residential, business, and school districts, and stop before crosswalks. 

Obeying traffic rules and regulations is another way to prevent auto-pedestrian crashes. If involved in this type of occurrence, contact a Georgia car accident lawyer for advice.


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