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Athens Hit-and-Run Crash Suspect Surrenders to Police

Concept photo: Athens hit-and-run crash suspect surenders

The suspect in an Athens hit-and-run crash surrendered to the police. The female suspect turned herself in at the Athens-Clarke County Jail on Monday, December 27th. 31-year-old Amanda Gerrett of Athens reportedly left a man dead on a sidewalk.

The hit-and-run accident happened on Wednesday afternoon, December 22nd. According to the Athens-Clarke County Police, they responded at the crash site after a report of a pedestrian down on a sidewalk on North Avenue, south of Strickland Avenue. When officers arrived at the accident scene, they found the body of the hit-and-run victim.

The ACCPD said the preliminary investigation revealed that the victim walked northbound on the sidewalk. The vehicle they believed Gerrett drove then exited the roadway and struck the pedestrian. The police said the vehicle kept going, leaving the accident scene.

The woman faces charges of first-degree vehicular homicide, felony hit-and-run, and failure to maintain lane. Anyone with information about the Athens hit-and-run crash should contact the ACCPD by dialing 9-1-1.

Auto vehicle accidents happen every day with different consequences. They result from drivers and road users failing to abide by traffic rules and regulations. Two of such rules are maintaining a single travel lane and yielding to pedestrians. Another is staying at an accident scene until the first responders arrive.

A person who breaks the law would be answerable to the authorities. In the case of a hit-and-run, such a person would face both civil and criminal consequences. On the civil front, the driver will compensate the victim for injuries and the effects of the wound. In addition, the negligent party pays for the repair of the victim’s vehicle.

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