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What Are The Most Common Examples of Negligent Security?

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Negligent security is a claim that arises out of a property owner’s failure to protect visitors from criminal activity. Owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to keep visitors and others safe. When they don’t, the victim can file a civil suit for monetary damages.

However, the victim bears the burden of proving that the property owner was indeed negligent. That means explaining in detail how exactly the owner failed in their duty. It helps to understand some of the most common bases for these lawsuits.

If you were the victim of crime because of inadequate security, it’s time to retain a skilled Atlanta negligent security lawyer. Our team at The Law Office of W. Calvin Smith, II, P.C. has years of experience winning these types of cases.

What the Victim Has to Prove in a Negligent Security Case

A victim of a crime can recover compensation for his or her injuries if they resulted from negligent security. But that requires establishing the necessary legal elements. An Atlanta negligent security lawyer can explain in detail what those elements are. Generally, victims must demonstrate that a crime would have been prevented or made less likely had certain measures been adopted.

The victim usually gets just one shot to prove his or her case. Many of these lawsuits are settled outside of court, but again, settlement typically resolves the case once and for all. If your damages end up being worse, you won’t get a chance to ask for more money. And if your case goes to trial with weak evidence, you can expect a weak verdict.

Common Examples of Poor Security

For these reasons and more, it’s helpful to know what the most common examples of negligent security are. We know what’s at stake in your lawsuit, and we know how to build a winning claim. Our Atlanta negligent security attorney has handled a wide array of such claims.

Here are some of the common security failures in cases like these.

Poor Lighting

Assaults and other crimes are more prone to occur in areas with insufficient lighting. Parking lots, hallways, and exterior areas should be well-lit to make criminal activity less likely.

Malfunctioning Security Systems

A security system that doesn’t work or is easily bypassed does little to deter criminals. Property owners should routinely test these systems to ensure they work.

Damaged Locks

A broken lock may be a problem in an apartment building or other property designed to keep trespassers out. If a criminal breaks into the property and harms someone inside, the owner could be held liable.

Lack of Training

Some properties must hire security guards for an extra layer of protection. But if these guards aren’t properly trained, they won’t make the property much safer.

Poor Background Checks

Security guards and other personnel should be subjected to background checks first. A business that fails to ensure its staff aren’t criminals could put innocent people in danger.

Other examples are possible based on the individual circumstances of a negligent security case. In deciding what security measures to implement, property owners must adapt to their circumstances. That means what one owner should do to protect visitors will differ from what another owner should do.

Ultimately, insufficient security measures could cause an innocent person harm. If that’s happened to you, it’s time to retain a skilled Atlanta negligent security lawyer.

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