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Macon Injury Lawyer: What Damages Can They Demand?

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If you or your loved ones have recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, then there’s a good chance you’re entitled to damages. Damages is just another way of saying that you should be paid for your injuries. As long as you’re Macon injury lawyer can prove that the other driver caused the crash, you shouldn’t have a hard time being compensated by the defendant or their insurance company.

Here, we will briefly discuss the different types of damages car accident lawyer in Macon will demand on your behalf. Since every case is different, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be entitled to the same kind of damages as another car accident victim. Just know that your Macon injury lawyer will do their best to get you as much money as possible.

You’re Never Guaranteed Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit

It is important to note that nobody is ever guaranteed damages in a car accident lawsuit. If your Macon injury lawyer can’t prove that you suffered any actual injuries, then you won’t collect any damages. The only way you can be paid for your injuries is if you can document them. Every now and then, our car accident lawyers in Macon represent a client who was involved in a serious crash but didn’t suffer any actual physical or financial injury.

You Will Likely Be Entitled to Compensation for Medical Bills

It should go without saying that if you suffered any injuries in the accident, you’re Macon injury lawyer will demand compensation. The defendant should be responsible for any outstanding medical bills that you will have to pay out of pocket. They will also have to pay for any monies already paid out by your private health insurance company in relation to your car accident.

If your doctor confirms that you’re going to need future medical care due to injuries suffered in your car accident, your attorney will demand compensation for this as well. It can be a little harder to prove damages for future medical care. Your car accident lawyer in Macon may have to call on an expert witness to confirm what the cost of your future care will be. Either way, your attorney will make sure that you’re not held responsible for medical bills that were caused by an accident that was due to somebody else’s negligence.

Your Macon Injury Lawyer Will Demand Damages for Your Vehicle

Chances are, if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, then your vehicle is probably damaged as a result. In the days following the crash, you’ll need to take your vehicle to the authorized mechanics shop to find out what it will cost to fix. If you don’t feel that this number is fair, you can always ask for a second estimate. If, on the other hand, your insurance company declares that your car is totaled, then you’ll demand compensation for the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the crash. You cannot demand compensation for an entirely new vehicle. You are only entitled to whatever the car was worth at the time of the accident. Your attorney will typically prove these damages using a Kelley Blue Book value or the total value provided by the insurance carrier

You May Be Entitled to Damages for Lost Wages and Lost Income

If you missed a significant time from work, your Macon injury lawyer will also demand compensation for lost wages. For example, if you were out of work for four weeks because you needed medical attention, you can demand compensation equal to four weeks of your average weekly wages. You can also demand compensation for lost future income. If your injuries were so severe that you can no longer do the same type of work that you did before the accident, your attorney will demand that you be fairly compensated. These damages will be equal to the difference between what you would have earned had the accident not occurred and what you will actually earn now that you have been injured.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in Macon Will Fight to Get You Pain and Suffering

Of course, one of the questions that most of our clients ask us is whether they’ll be entitled to damages for pain and suffering. It all depends on how serious your injuries were. For example, if all you suffered was whiplash or a broken wrist, you can’t expect to receive all that much in the way of pain and suffering. However, if you suffered a spinal cord injury or needed back surgery, that’s a different story.

Trust that Your Macon Injury Lawyer Will Fight to Get You as Much Money as Possible

It’s no secret that the reason car accident victims hire Macon injury lawyers is to get compensation for their injuries. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that. In fact, before you retain a car accident lawyer in Macon, you’ll probably shop around and see which attorney has the best reputation. This is no surprise to any car accident lawyer in Macon. The bottom line is that you want to get as much money as possible for your car accident. If the other driver was truly at fault, they should be held accountable and pay for what they did. More likely, it will be their insurance carrier who pays your damages. Quite frankly, we don’t care who pays as long as you get the money you deserve.

Since we offer all new clients a free, initial consultation, you should at least come in and sit down with one of our Macon injury lawyers and see what they have to say. Our associates will never promise you that’ll get you a certain amount of damages. They’ll never promise you that they’ll win your case. What we will guarantee you is that will work as hard as possible to get you as much money as possible. And that’s the only promise any respectable and competent car accident lawyer in Macon should do.

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