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How Can Albany, GA Truck Accident Victims Get Their Insurance Claims Approved?

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It’s no secret that accidents involving commercial trucks often cause serious injuries. A small car simply can’t withstand the impact of a massive tractor-trailer carrying cargo. Despite the protection offered by seat belts and airbags, drivers and passengers often sustain catastrophic or fatal injuries. Truckers and trucking companies are governed by a slew of state and federal laws given the risks they pose. However, like other people and entities in Georgia, they don’t always follow the rules. The consequences can be devastating.

If you suffered serious injuries in a truck accident that was not your fault, you should get compensation. However, you shouldn’t assume that the other driver’s insurance company will pay you the full value of your claim. Insurance companies wouldn’t be able to make a profit if they paid out every claim. Therefore, they will try to reduce the amount they have to pay or reject your claim completely. Since truck accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries that are costly to treat, insurers are even more circumspect. If you want to ensure you get fair compensation, you need to take certain steps. These include hiring an Albany, GA truck accident lawyer.

Why Albany Truck Accident Attorneys Are So Important

Insurance companies sometimes have valid reasons for denying claims. If you submitted a fraudulent claim or the truck driver who hit you let their policy lapse, the denial will be valid. However, there are other times when you can challenge the insurance company’s decision. For example, the insurer may argue that you were at fault for the accident even though you weren’t. Your attorney can present evidence to prove that someone else was responsible. If the insurer claims that you’re exaggerating your injuries, your lawyer can also gather additional proof to support your claim.

The higher the value of the claim, the more likely it is that the insurance company will fight you. This is unfortunate since your claim will only be high if your injuries are serious and you’ve suffered significant losses. This means that the accident victims who need financial compensation the most are usually the ones who have to fight tooth and nail to get it. Instead of trying to handle the case on your own, you should hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Individuals who are represented by competent lawyers tend to get higher settlements.

Why You Need to Get Medical Attention Right After a Truck Accident

Hiring a lawyer is important but even before you call one, there’s something you need to do. You must go to the doctor immediately after the accident. If you wait too long to get medical attention, it will be hard to prove that the accident was responsible. In most truck accidents, victims are so severely injured that they go to the hospital in an ambulance. However, if your injuries seem minor, you may be tempted to wait to see if they worsen. Doing so puts your health in jeopardy and provides the insurer with an opportunity to challenge your claim.

Limit Your Comments and Don’t Sign Anything Without Seeking Legal Advice

Many truck accident victims feel the urge to vent about what happened to them and they often turn to social media. However, that Instagram Live or Facebook post could jeopardize your ability to get compensation since your comments can be used against you. Even if you think only a limited audience can see your posts, you should be careful.

You should also be careful about what you say to the insurance adjuster who will contact you shortly after the accident. They may ask you about the crash in the hopes that you will incriminate yourself. They’re also likely to offer you a low, quick settlement that won’t cover all your losses. If you accept it, you won’t be able to get more money later when you realize the full extent of your injuries. Don’t record any statements or sign any documents before you contact a lawyer.

Contact an Albany, GA Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you want the best chance of getting your claim approved, reach out to Calvin Smith Law. The sooner you contact our Albany, GA truck accident attorneys, the sooner you can begin the process of getting compensation. We’ll help you gather evidence and build a strong cas. You shouldn’t have to handle this situation alone when your injuries were not your fault. Schedule a free consultation today and get an expert legal opinion on your case.

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