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Why Do You Need to Go to the Hospital After Your Accident in Georgia?


Some people think that, if they get into an accident, they’re automatically entitled to damages. They watch too much television and too many movies. They figure they’ll hire a personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia and they’ll get them a million dollars. In reality, it doesn’t work like that. In order to get any damages, you need to prove your case. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to go to the hospital after a car accident.

In almost all accident cases, your attorney is going to have to prove negligence. This requires that they demonstrate the following:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care – This isn’t always the hard part. In almost all situations, we owe other people a duty of care. For example, all drivers have to follow the traffic laws. Or, if someone owns a grocery store, they owe it to their customers to keep their store clean and safe. If your attorney can prove that they owed you a duty of care, you can move on to the second requirement.
  • They breached this duty – This is often times the hardest part of your case to prove. You need to show that the defendant did something (or failed to do something) that a reasonable person never would have done. For example, if someone is texting and driving, they have clearly breached their duty of care. But if you fall at a store, it may not be so easy to prove that you fell because of something the store manager or owner did. Maybe you fell because you were wearing slippery shoes in bad weather.
  • You were injured – This is key. If you weren’t hurt, then you don’t have a case. It’s that simply. You need to prove that you were actually injured in the accident. The best way to do this is to submit medical records. That’s why you need to go to the hospital after any sort of accident in Macon, Georgia.

If your attorney can prove these four (4) things, you may be entitled to damages. If you have a question about whether you have a case or not, call our office right away and schedule your free initial consultation.

What if You Don’t Think You’re Hurt?

One of the reasons a lot of people fail to get medical treatment after an accident is they don’t think they’re injured. The truth is, you’re not a doctor. And even if you are, you have no way of knowing for sure if you were hurt. You could have obvious injuries, such as a broken arm or injured back. But you could also have internal injuries, such as a concussion or traumatic brain injury. The only way to know if this is the case is to go to the hospital.

When you go to the hospital, they’re going to run all the necessary tests to see if you’re hurt. They’ll examine you to find out if you’re injured. Some of the tests they’ll do include:

  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • x-rays
  • Neurological testing
  • Physical examination

If you don’t go right to the hospital after your crash, the defendant will claim that you were hurt in some way other than your accident. Your Macon personal injury attorney doesn’t want this to happen. You don’t want to make their job any harder than it already is.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Macon, Georgia

If you or your loved one are hurt in any sort of accident, you need to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia. They’ll review your case, including your medical records, to see if you have a case. If you weren’t hurt, there’s not much your attorney can do. Sure, they can demand property damage and lost wages if you missed more than a week or two of work. But if you didn’t go to the hospital, they won’t be able to prove your injuries.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. Our personal injury law firm in Macon has handled dozens of cases like yours. They have decades of combined experience getting justice for their clients. Take the time to sit down with them and let them answer any questions you may have. They can also give you an idea of what your case is worth. They’ll talk to the defendant’s insurance company and try to get your claim paid. They’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. However, throughout the process, they’ll work hard to settle your case and get you the money you deserve.

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