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Can You Quit Your Job While Collecting Workers’ Comp in Albany, Georgia?

Quit While Collecting Workers Comp

Most people know that Georgia is an at-will employment state. This means that you can be fired at any time, for any reason. It also means that you can quit your job at any time, for any reason. Even if you have a contract with your employer, you can quit or resign. You’ll just have to deal with the consequences of your breach of contract. It’s not like anybody could ever force you to stay at a job if you don’t want to stay. The only exception to this is if you’re a member of the armed forces.

Our workers comp attorneys in Albany, Georgia are often asked if people can quit while collecting workers comp benefits. The answer, quite simply, is – yes. You can absolutely quit while collecting workers comp. However, if you do that, you need to be prepared for the consequences.

Just like you couldn’t expect your employer to continue to pay you if you quit, you can’t expect to receive workers comp benefits if you quit your job in Georgia. Your employer is only required to provide workers comp insurance to their employees. If you’re no longer an employee, you’re not entitled to this coverage. Just keep in mind – this doesn’t mean your company can fire you to avoid paying workers comp benefits.

If you’re considering quitting your job and are afraid you’ll lose your benefits, call and talk to an experienced workers comp lawyer first. You can call and speak with one of our skilled attorneys in Albany, Georgia before you make any mistakes you’ll regret.

What Will Happen if You Quit While Collecting Workers Comp in Georgia?

While home waiting to return to work, you may spend a lot of time thinking. You may be thinking it’s time to make a career change. Or you may get a call from a company you’ve been trying to join for years. No matter how tempted you are to take a new job, you want to be careful. As soon as you give your employer notice that you’re leaving, they will likely terminate your workers comp benefits. This includes your medical coverage. it also means you’ll no longer receive replacement wages. Most people can’t afford to take this risk.

Your prospective employer may not be aware that you’re out on workers comp. Or they may underestimate your injuries. For example, consider that you suffer a back injury at your old employer. You had surgery and the doctor isn’t sure if you’ll need any future surgeries. You’re doing physical therapy and hope to be done in a few weeks. You downplay your medical condition when meeting with your future employer. You assure them that you’ll be ready to work in no time. If you quit your job and start at the new company, you may run into a problem. If they realize that you aren’t really able to do the job you’ve been hired for, they may let you go.

Wait Until You’re Completely Healed Before You Make Any Career Changes

It’s in your best interest to stay where you are for now. Until you’re fully cleared to return to work and actually return, don’t make any employment changes. There’s simply too much at risk. If you lose your medical coverage, you may have to pay for treatment out of pocket. Make sure you talk to an experienced workers comp lawyer before you do anything.

Talk to an Experienced Workers Comp Lawyer in Georgia Before You Make Any Final Decisions

If you’re already collecting workers compensation benefits, you may want to hold off any making any big life changes. Even if you don’t intend on staying at your current job much longer, you want to wait until you return to work before you do anything. If you quit while collecting workers comp, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your medical coverage. You’ll also lose your replacement wages. Even if you have a guaranteed salary at your new job, they certainly aren’t going to cover your medical care from a workplace injury at your old job.

Before you do anything, call our office and schedule your free initial consultation. Let one of our skilled workers comp lawyers review your case and let you know what your options are. No matter how frustrated you are with your current employer, don’t make any rash decisions. You can call and set up a date and time to meet with one of our legal experts. The consultation is free and you won’t pay a dime until you settle your case.

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