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Can You Change Lawyers in the Middle of Your Albany Car Accident Lawsuit?


After your car accident in Albany, Georgia, you’re probably feeling a variety of emotions. You’re angry at the person who crashed into you. You’re frustrated because you now have to deal with insurance claims and getting your car fixed. On top of that, you need to find a local car accident lawyer to handle your Albany car accident lawsuit. It can be taxing.

When people panic after their car accident, they may make a hasty choice when it comes to hiring a car accident lawyer in Georgia. Perhaps you pick the first name that shows up on Google. Or a friend recommends someone they’ve used in the past. After retaining their services, you realize that you’ve made a huge mistake.

Hiring the right Albany accident lawyer is an important decision. An experienced lawyer can make the difference between getting the money you deserve and getting nothing. If you’re afraid that your attorney isn’t working hard for you, there’s good news. If you’re not happy with your current car accident attorney, you can find a new attorney. All you have to do is call our office and find out is there’s still time to transfer your Albany car accident lawsuit to a different attorney. You deserve to have someone fight for you. If you don’t think your attorney is doing that, it may be time for a change.

Your Car Accident Attorney’s Job is to Work Hard for You

If you thought you were able to handle your Albany car accident lawsuit alone, you wouldn’t have hired an attorney in the first place. So it can be quite frustrating to learn that your attorney isn’t working diligently on your case. Maybe they aren’t returning your phone calls. Or maybe you found out they didn’t attend a hearing on your behalf. These things are not only frustrating – they can cost you money. If your lawyer isn’t working on your case, there’s a chance they’ll miss a deadline or miss a settlement negotiation.

You do have to be reasonable in your expectations. Georgia car accident lawyers handle dozens of cases at a time. They aren’t going to be able to spend hours on the phone with you every day. But they do owe you the courtesy of a phone call or an email to update you on the progress of your case. And they absolutely have no excuse for missing hearings or depositions. If this sort of thing happens, it’s time to find a new lawyer.

When is it Too Late to Change Accident Attorneys?

For the most part, you do have the right to choose your own legal representation. However, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. If your current attorney has taken your case to the point where there’s a settlement on the table, they’re not going to let you change attorneys without a fight. If they did all of the legwork to negotiate the settlement, they should be able to see it to completion. For example, if they worked your case for several months and got the insurance company to make a settlement offer, it wouldn’t be fair to change lawyers. There’s no work left to do. And, your attorney is going to demand that they get their percentage of your settlement. If this is the case, they will fight your request to change attorneys.

Contact a Seasoned Attorney to Handle Your Albany Car Accident Lawsuit

If you’re unhappy with the person handling your Albany car accident lawsuit, you have options. If your case isn’t at the point where it’s ready to settle or go to trial, you may be able to change attorneys. The reason people hire car accident law firms in Albany, Georgia is because they need help. Car accident victims depend on their attorney to fight to get them damages. If you’re injured in a car crash, you’re going to need to focus on recovering from your injuries. You’re probably worried about how you’re going to pay your bills. And, if your injuries are serious, you may be out of work for quite a while.

What you should do is call and talk to one our experienced car accident lawyers in Albany, Georgia. They can review your case and find out if it’s not too late to change representation. You deserve an attorney who’s going to fight to get you the money you deserve. If you don’t think your attorney is working hard for you, let us know. We can set up a free initial consultation and have you sit down with one of our skilled car accident lawyers right away.

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