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Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Atlanta, GA

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Motorcycle accidents are common and often fatal. Hundreds of people die in motorcycle crashes every year. In addition, most motorcycle accidents result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, burns, and many more.

There are laws set up in Georgia to protect motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and other road users. For instance, the law expects motorcycle riders to use helmets and windshields or eye gear at all times. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents still occur despite all the rules.

This is why this article will be addressing the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Georgia. Additionally, you might need the legal assistance of an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney if you get into such accidents.

What Are Motorcycle Accidents?

A motorcycle accident is an unplanned incident that involves a motorcycle and another motorcycle, vehicle, pedestrian, or stationary object. Furthermore, this incident often causes harm or danger to those involved in it. Motorcycle accidents account for many deaths per year.

In addition, these accidents cause both temporary and permanent damages to lives and properties. Victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer from burns, road rash, brain injuries, broken bones, limbs, etc. In some extreme cases, some of these injuries result in the injured people getting their limbs amputated.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many reasons motorcycle accidents occur. This article will, however, focus on the eight most common causes.

  • Lane Splitting

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle rider continuously drives between two lanes, putting the rider at risk on both sides. It is more dangerous for new or inexperienced riders. Traffic laws expect a rider to stick to one lane. However, if a rider fails to comply, it can result in a motorcycle accident.

  • Speeding

Speeding involves going past the speed limit at a particular road section or location. Speed limits guide road users on how fast or slow they should drive their vehicles. Failing to obey these limits is speeding or over-speeding. The dangers of speeding include collisions, car crashes, etc.

  • Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the significant reasons for motorcycle accidents. The act of driving while intoxicated is dangerous for both riders and other road users. This is because these substances prevent motorcyclists from concentrating, and it impairs their senses.

  • Dangerous Road Conditions

Some roads are in poor condition. Driving on roads in such poor conditions is dangerous. Bad road conditions are likely to affect motorcyclists more than other road users. This is because a motorcycle is not as steady as a car. These road conditions could include potholes, debris, faulty traffic signals, etc.

  • Left Turn Accidents

When a driver makes a left turn while driving, they require a lot of patience and concentration. An accident can occur when a driver or even a rider does not pay attention while turning left. Collisions often occur in these situations. Therefore, drivers have to be extremely careful while making left turns.

  • Poor Lane Changing 

Traffic rules and regulations require drivers to check their blind spots while driving, especially when changing their lanes. A blind spot is the part of your vehicle which you cannot see and which your mirrors might not be able to observe. Failing to check your blind spot can cause a collision, and it can be fatal for motorcyclists. So, drivers should check their surroundings carefully before making turns or changing lanes.

  • Car Doors

Car doors can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Drivers could open their doors unexpectedly, which could distract the rider or even hit the rider. This is the reason occupants of vehicles should observe their environment before alighting.  Therefore, riders should also watch out for car doors while driving their motorcycles.

  • Sudden Stops

When a motorcyclist is riding and stops suddenly while on the road, they put themselves and other road users in danger of ghastly or fatal collisions. Because of this, states like Georgia stipulate that vehicles need to have at least a three-second distance between themselves.

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