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Boat Accident Lawyer: How to Stay Safe at the Lake This Summer in Macon

a boat accident lawyer offers advice on how to stay safe.

If you’re like a lot of other people in Macon, Georgia, then you like to enjoy a day at one of the local lakes. Once it’s warm out, people like to drive out to Lake Tobesofkee to spend the day on the water. Unfortunately, not all of them come home safely. Our boat accident lawyers in Macon meet with clients every week who suffered serious injuries while at the lake.

Are There Even Lakes Worth Visiting Near Macon, Georgia?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of great lakes to visit in Macon, Georgia this time of year. Once it warms up outside, thousands of people flock to visit Lake Tobesofkee. Others prefer to visit the falls at High Falls Lake in the summer.

Where it is that you go, your only goal is to have a good time. You trust that the people that are there with you are of the same mind. The last thing you imagine happening is getting hurt and being carted off to the local hospital.

Why Do So Many People Head Out to the Lake This Time of Year?

One of the reasons so many people congregate at the lake this time of year is because the weather is finally nice. After four or five long months of being cooped up, it’s only natural that people would want to enjoy the outdoors for a few hours.

In Georgia, it’s typically nice enough to visit the lake by the middle or end of May. Once June and July roll around, the lakes and beaches are crowded across the country. Many of these people intend on spending some time on the lake, either boating, fishing, or even water skiing.


Some of our clients were out on a boat when they suffered their injuries. They call one of our boat accident lawyers in Macon and explain what happened to them. Usually, the person operating their boat either hit another watercraft or ran up on the ground somehow.

There are also times when a client is thrown from the boat due to operator error. It may not sound very dangerous. However, our Macon accident attorneys have helped clients who end up paralyzed after this sort of accident. Others suffer lung issues from breathing in the lake water.

Water Skiing

While some people like to go out on boats, others prefer to stay above water. If a friend of yours has a speed boat, they may take you out to go water skiing. This can be great fun. It can also be extremely dangerous.

If your friend happens to be drinking or just not paying attention, you can suffer a very serious injury. If this happens, then you need to call and talk to an accident lawyer in Macon. They can review your case and let you know if you have a potential claim for damages.

Boating accident concept, a man driving a boat.

Our Macon Accident Attorneys Meet With Plenty of People Who Are Injured While Boating

During the summer, our Macon accident attorneys meet with a lot of people who suffered injuries in a boat accident. Some of our clients are lucky and the boat operator’s insurance pays their claim. When this doesn’t happen, you have no choice but to file suit.

This can be hard for a lot of our clients. Nobody wants to sue their friend or family member. We try to reassure them that, even if they win in court, their friend won’t be paying out of pocket. Their insurance company should cover most, if not all of your damages.

You Need to Make Sure You Take Safety Precautions

If you are lucky enough to have a friend with a boat, you are lucky enough. However, make sure you and the whole group of friends on the boat follow the safety guidelines.

You need to make sure there are plenty of life jackets on the boat. By law, the operator of the watercraft is required to maintain enough life vests for all passengers. Also, make sure you check to see that the boat has been inspected recently. If there’s something wrong with the boat and the operator isn’t aware of it, people can get hurt, even killed.

Our Boat Accident Lawyers in Macon Have Seen What Happens When You Mix Boating with Alcohol

One safety precaution you must take is avoiding alcohol while on the lake. Whether you’re in a boat or on a pair of water skis, it’s not safe to do so after drinking alcohol.

Another word of caution is that you should avoid getting on any watercraft where the operator has been drinking. It may seem unlikely that your friend could crash into another boat on the lake.

However, our Macon accident attorneys have seen many clients end up permanently disabled after suffering a boating accident. These accidents tend to be worse when the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What Should You Do if You Are Injured While Boating on the Lake This Summer?

If you are hurt in a boat accident, there are certain steps you need to take. First, make sure you call 911. You should also call the local park ranger. Sometimes, they can have their emergency crews there sooner than the police can.

Once you have reported the accident, you need to go to the hospital. The police will arrange for an ambulance to make sure this happens.

Even if you think your injuries are minor, you need to go to the hospital. This way, your accident lawyer in Macon will have medical records to back up your claim for damages.

If You’re Seriously Injured, Contact a Macon Accident Attorney Right Away

We understand that it’s the time of year when people like to get out and about. After being cooped up all winter long, all you want to do is have some outdoor fun. Unfortunately, our accident lawyers in Macon have seen more than our fair share of injuries take place this time of year.

If you are hurt in a boating accident or some other sort of trouble while at the lake, give us a call. You may have a potential claim for damages. It all depends on what happened and who was responsible for the accident.

When you contact our office, ask if you can schedule a free, initial consultation with one of our Macon accident attorneys. Take the time to sit down with someone who can give you a better idea of what your options are.

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