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Black Box: What Is It and Do Trucks Have One?

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When you hear of a black box, you’ll probably think of airplanes and aircraft crashes. It’s common knowledge that planes typically have black boxes or flight recorders that come in handy after a collision. However, an experienced truck accident attorney will likely give you a different answer when you ask about a black box.

That’s because trucks also have black boxes that perform similar functions to a plane’s flight data recorder. However, many people don’t know about it. That’s even when many truck manufacturers have been integrating black boxes into the truck’s engine components since the 1990s. According to statistics, 5,005 people died in large truck accidents in 2019. So, considering the high rate of truck crashes in the country, the truck’s black box is a valuable invention.

This article aims at letting you in on all you need to know about a truck’s data recorder. You’ll also discover how a personal injury attorney can, with the help of a black box, win your injury case.

What’s a Truck’s Black Box?

A black box has another name — Event Data Recorder (EDR). As its name suggests, this device records essential information about a truck. The EDR can record without interruptions and save reports for some days depending on the model. Some black boxes are part of the truck’s Engine Electronic Control Module (EECM). Data from the black box can help experts determine what happened before, after, and during a truck crash.

A truck’s EDR can contain the following information:

  • The truck’s speed history before the crash
  • Tire pressure
  • Airbag deployment
  • The position of the throttle
  • GPS location data
  • Seatbelt use
  • If the truck driver used cruise control or not
  • If there was sudden acceleration and deceleration
  • Communication and correspondences between the trucker and the trucking company
  • Information that determines if the trucker violated specific traffic rules (especially the hours-of-service regulations)
  • The monthly or daily truck activity and many more

The data you’ll receive from a truck’s EDR depends on numerous factors. Your truck accident lawyer will let you know what you will find in your case.

How Will an EDR Help Me After a Georgia Truck Accident?

The information from a truck’s EDR will help you in numerous ways. They include:

  • The Cause of the Accident

One of the essential aspects of a personal injury claim is determining the cause of the accident. An EDR can disclose the events leading to the truck crash. That way, everyone knows what caused the accident and the person liable for it.

  • The Magnitude of the Crash

A truck’s EDR can help establish how severe a truck accident was. First, it determines the degree of force in the crash. That way, it will show if the collision was enough to cause the injuries in the claim.

  • Identifies Auto Defects

Sometimes, your crash injuries may result from a mechanical defect in the truck. The truck’s EDR will help you to determine this. If there was an auto defect, your lawyer would tell you the next steps to take.

  • Provides Enough Evidence to Build Your Case

Information from black boxes provides valuable evidence for your case. EDR data relies on verifiable facts and science. It’s difficult to argue against data from a black box.

Do I Need a Georgia Truck Wreck Attorney For My Case?

While black boxes are essential in proving a personal injury case, you cannot access them easily. Trucking companies hold the data from a black box, and they can decide to deny your access to them. They may even tamper with the information in the black box if it implicates them.

That’s why you must contact your truck accident attorney immediately. Your legal team will write a spoliation letter to the trucking company to compel them to release the EDR data. Your lawyer may also file a restraining order to prevent the trucking company from tampering with the evidence.

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