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Atlanta Injury Attorney: Can You Sue for an ATV Crash?

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If you get into an accident while driving your ATV, you may still be entitled to sue. It all depends on a few things. First, where were you driving your now crashed ATV? If you were driving in a designated area, there shouldn’t be a problem. If, however, you were driving on a public street, there could be an issue. Your Atlanta injury attorney will do their best to get you damages.

One other problem you can run into is if your ATV doesn’t meet the specification as required by Georgia law. This is something you can discuss with your Atlanta injury attorney when you first meet. We do offer all new clients a free, initial consultation. This gives you a chance to review your case and let you know what options are available to you.

Since this consultation is free, you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront. Ideally, as long as your Atlanta ATV accident lawyer can show negligence on the part of the other driver, you may still be entitled to damages.

It’s Against the Law to Drive Your ATV Through the Streets of Atlanta

There have been many recent news reports about how hard the police in Atlanta are working to keep ATVs off the city streets. Anybody who drives an ATV is well aware that they aren’t supposed to drive on public roads. Even most of our clients admit as much to our Atlanta ATV accident attorney.

When our Atlanta injury lawyers meet with someone for the first time, we have to ask them if they were traveling on a permitted road at the time of their crash. If the answer is no, you may not have standing to sue.

If you did not have permission to ride your ATV on a particular street and got into an accident, you may not be entitled to damages. This is the last thing your Atlanta injury lawyer wants to see happen. This is why it’s better to just ride your ATV in places where it’s allowed. The nature of these vehicles makes it so that you’re already at an increased risk of getting hurt. You don’t want to make things worse.

There Are Certain Designated Areas Throughout the State Where You Can Drive Your ATV

Generally speaking, if you plan on riding your ATV, you need to do it on private property where you have written, express permission to do so. Perhaps you have relatives with a lot of wooded areas. Or you may have a few acres of your own land on which you can ride your all-terrain vehicles. You don’t want to get caught on someone else’s property with your ATV.

If you happen to get into an accident with another vehicle while on someone else’s land, you’ll be facing a lot more than a traffic ticket. You will not only be liable for any injuries you cause, but you’ll also be responsible for any damage you cause to the land or the other rider’s ATV.

A crashed ATV on its side

Did Your Crashed ATV Meet Specifications Per Georgia Law?

If you intend to drive an ATV in the State of Georgia, there are certain requirements you must meet. It is different from driving a motorcycle or bicycle. It’s even different from driving a car or SUV. While you don’t need a special license for this sort of bike, there are still specific rules you need to be aware of.

Some of these include the following.

Front and Rear Lights

Your ATV must be equipped with both front and rear lights – If you are caught driving either a half hour before sunrise or a half hour after sunset, you need to have your lights on. Otherwise, you’ll receive a ticket for sure. At the same time, if you do happen to get into an accident, you don’t want to get a citation. That will help the other driver prove negligence on your part.

Proper Muffler Installation

Your ATV must also have a muffler properly installed on it – The muffler serves two purposes. First, it helps reduce the loud sounds emanating from your ATV. Plus, it helps keep the fumes coming out of your car a bit less toxic. If you try to take the muffler off your ATV to make it louder, it can impact your case. The last thing your Atlanta ATV accident lawyer wants to learn is that your bike wasn’t up to code.

Standard Brake System

You need to demonstrate that your ATV has a standard brake system – You can’t build an ATV on your own and not install a full operating brake system. If you’re caught driving like this, you’ll get a ticket, and your ATV will likely be grounded.

Plus, if you get into an accident because your brakes didn’t work, you will be liable for damages to any passengers on your ATV or any third parties who are hurt as a result of your negligence.

Your Atlanta Injury Attorney Can Review Your Case to See if You Have Standing to Sue

Most people who are hurt while on an ATV are afraid to talk to an Atlanta injury attorney. They assume that because it’s against the law to drive an ATV on the streets throughout Atlanta that they can get in trouble. While this may be the case, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least meet with an Atlanta injury attorney.

You may have been driving in a designated area at the time of your crash. Or the other driver may have acted recklessly. The only way to know for sure if you have a claim for damages is to sit down with an experienced Atlanta injury attorney.

We offer all new clients the chance to come in and meet with one of our associates for free. You don’t have to pay anything upfront even if you choose to retain our services. Knowing what is at stake, it’s in your best interest to reach out to us. Since the consultation is free, you have nothing to lose.

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