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What To Do After an Injury on Another Person’s Premises


Suppose someone gets hurt on someone else’s premises, the person can file a premises liability claim. Premises can be a house, place of work, mall, supermarket, etc. In Georgia, property owners have the duty of ensuring their premises or properties are safe for visitors who use or visit the premises.

Generally, the law recognizes three main types of visitors to a premises: the invitee, licensee, and trespassers. An invitee is on a property with the owner’s knowledge and for the mutual benefit of both parties, e.g., customers.

The property owner invites a licensee to the property, but not for business or commercial intent, e.g., friends and family. Lastly, a trespasser is on someone else’s property without the owner’s permission or knowledge.

In this article, you will learn about the necessary steps you should take after getting hurt while on someone else’s premises. In addition, an Atlanta premises liability attorney can help you through the filing process while you focus on recovery. So, if you or anyone you know got hurt while on someone else’s premises, contact one.

Five Steps To Take After Getting Injured on Another Person’s Premises

You have to carry out five significant steps if you happen to get hurt while on someone else’s premises. These are:

  • Seek Medical Attention Immediately

After getting injured on someone’s property, e.g., slip and fall, it is necessary to visit the hospital. While some injuries appear almost immediately after the accident, only medical professionals can detect others. At the hospital, the doctor will give you a medical report which contains all your injuries and medical expenses. This report is a crucial document as it acts as a piece of evidence during the premises liability claim.

  • Take Photographs and Lots of Them

Because it is natural for the human mind to forget details about an incident, you need to document your injury. Luckily for us, almost every cell phone has a camera. So, taking pictures of the accident scene should not be a problem.

It would be best to take pictures of the scene showing the dangerous conditions that led to your injury. In addition to taking pictures of the scene, you should also take pictures of your injuries. All these pictures will become very useful for your case.

  • Gather Information and Evidence

When filing a premises liability claim, you need as much information and evidence as possible. This is because the court needs to prove that you were not trespassing and that the property owner was negligent. Therefore, in addition to the pictures, police reports, and medical reports, you can also gather eyewitness testimonies.

You need to get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of eyewitnesses. This will help you down the line. Furthermore, supermarkets, malls, and offices have security cameras that could have captured you getting hurt. Eyewitnesses and security cameras are pieces of evidence that will work in your favor.

  • Report the Injury

Reporting the injury to the appropriate authorities is another crucial step to take after getting hurt on someone else’s premises. Apart from reporting your injury to a doctor, you should also report to the police.

The police will give you a detailed account of what happened to cause the injury. The police report is another document the law recognizes as evidence for your claim. Additionally, it is crucial to let the property owner know that you were injured while on their property.

The last but equally important person you should inform about your injury is your premises liability attorney. Your attorney will give you advice on the necessary steps to take so that you will not jeopardize your claim.

  • Do Not Sign Documents Carelessly

The property owner may persuade you to sign some documents to keep the matter away from court. Unfortunately, as a result, some people end up getting less compensation than they deserve because they signed documents carelessly. So do not speak to the property owner’s insurance company or attorney without having proper legal advice.

Calvin Smith Law Is Capable of Handling Your Premises Liability Claim 

As we have said earlier, you need to get an Atlanta premises liability lawyer on your case when filing your claim. They would walk you through the process and make it easier for you to receive compensation. At Calvin Smith Law, we pull all the stops to ensure you get the proper settlement for your injuries.

Our attorneys are well-trained and have several years of experience in cases like yours. We treat your claim with utmost dedication and service. We are available 24/7, and we give free case reviews and consultations to our clients. So, if you know you need experienced premises liability lawyers, contact us today, and you won’t regret it.

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